“We might . . . spend a little time in jail”: Stevens Caught on Tape Discussing Criminal Investigation

Sen. Ted Stevens was caught on tape discussing the possibility of a prison sentence with his former friend and wealthy businessman Bill Allen. Unbeknownst to Stevens, Allen was recording the conversation as an informant with the FBI. Stevens sounds every inch a felon on the tape, advising Allen to “really lay low” and be tough. In one particularly damaging section for the jury to hear, Stevens acknowledges “We might have to pay a fine and spend a little time in jail.”

Stevens is his genuine self on the 2006 tape, swearing and swaggering with his friend. “Screw them, if they prove we did something wrong. In my heart, I don’t think we did. … I say, screw it.”

He proceeds to school Allen on the ways of a criminal defendant — a role that Stevens appears to have been practicing for over his years of alleged corruption: “We ought to really lay low right now.”

In one line that the prosecutors will likely emphasize, he adds, “Let’s stick this thing out together, OK?”

Despite the moronic content of the call, Stevens acknowledges the possibility that the conversation might be taped: “I think they’re probably listening to this conversation right now.”

Well, he got one thing right.

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11 thoughts on ““We might . . . spend a little time in jail”: Stevens Caught on Tape Discussing Criminal Investigation”

  1. “He could also get a January 2009 pardon.”

    Perhaps that is why Steven’s requested a speedy trial; he is hedging his bets.

  2. Thursday, the judge gave the prosecutors extra time to extricate themselves from self-laid traps. Prosecution rested. Now for a parade of character witnesses.

    As the old saying goes, you do not have to prove that he was the type of guy that could have done it, if you can prove that he did it.

    Even if found guilty, Stevens could appeal.

    He could also get a January 2009 pardon.

  3. On Wednesday, the judge threw out two key pieces of evidence because the prosecution failed to disclose information to the defense.

    Thursday will see new motions for a mistrial.

    Are these prosecutors really trying to throw the case? Or did they skip trial practice courses in law school>

  4. The sad thing? He will get the mistrials he seeks and get re-elected. Than, after dragging it out as long as possible, he will be convicted in a second trial, finish the majority of his Senatorial term before being forced to resign due to being sentenced to a prison term.

  5. rcampbell:

    The Judge didn’t buy the Brady violation argument although this prosecution team seems to be cut frm the Chris Darden/Marsha Clark school of lawyering. The road for them has been bumpy to say the least, but we all know that people believe tape recordings so we will see if Stevens was a good predictor of his future or not.

  6. I recall some discussion last week of a mistrial. The defense claimed the prosecution withheld evidence. Anyone have a update on that ruling?

  7. This Stevens case is the prime example of the Bush Regme’s attitude. Screw everyone else, I am getting my rightful share! I hope Stevens gets convicted and has to spend some quality time in a nice federal facility. while he is there, he can save a spot for Bush and Cheney.

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