“College President of the Year” Arrested for DUI

Randolph Flechsig, president of Davenport University in Michigan has pleaded guilty to a DUI and refusing to take a breath test during his arrest. The video below shows the arrest. Davenport was declared the “College President of the Year” in 2003. While a spokesperson first denied alcohol was the culprit (as opposed to a diabetic complication), he now admits to multiple Bloody Marys. Of course, he can claim that unlike a college president in Iowa recently, he did not have a picture taken pouring a beer keg in the mouth of a student.

Flechsig was arrested in the afternoon of Sept. 21. Two hours after the arrest showed Flechsig, 51, had a blood-alcohol content of .09 percent. In fairness to Flechsig, this is just over the .08 line. It does not take much to reach .08 — though it was probably a bit higher two hour earlier.

The biggest problem for Flechsig with the board should be the statement that his representative released after his arrest. The Grand Rapids Press newspaper reported university spokeswoman Chris Ervin as saying that Flechsig “believes his condition when arrested was the result of a diabetic reaction and blood tests will substantiate this.”

However, on Monday, he pleaded guilty and admitted to “beer and some Bloody Marys” at home before his arrest.

Flechsig should be able to pay the fine. Despite the small size of the college, he has somehow convinced the board to give him more than $500,000 a year.

For the dashcam video of Flechsig’s arrest, click here.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. I remember that story about the Iowa college president who had his picture taken with the coed and the beer bong. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when a College president stumbles. They are human too. Beer and Bloody Marys? What an interesting mixture! With a salary of $500,000 a year, he can afford a lot Beer and BM’s! How can a small college president be worth $500,000? That board has some explaining to do.

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