5 thoughts on “Goin’ Campin”

  1. I hope by “camping,” you mean giving up the presidential suite at the hotel and roughing it with the mini-suite. I dislike sleeping bags, bugs, and seeing my breath in the morning. I recommend the Governor’s Club in Chapel Hill. You still get a cottage. Bring on room service!

    Alas for me, dear Patty, my “Gang of Four” are desending on City Stadium here in Richmond to watch a clash of both of my alma maters when #1 JMU plays #5 Richmond. Well, we do have a hospitality tent. Boola, boola!

  2. Goin’ Campin

    Whelp, dog-gone-it all. Sister Sarah speak done gone n’ corrupted the hallowed halls of Ivory Towered academia.

  3. JT, I LOVE North Carolina sunsets! Ya’ll have one on me!

    I just hope you are going there to hang with mespo and his
    ‘Gang of Four’ and/OR to share in Ben’s summer experience in a more positive ‘family’ way.

    As an accomplished gourmet chef/baker and scientist, I enjoy Alton Brown on the FoodNetwork, along with many others, and want to pass along this bit of physics about basic (microwave) technology
    re boiling water, as ‘food for thought’, as it were.

    Think about THAT while you’re out in the wild… 🙂


    p.s OFF, like a herd of turtles …
    (if yours is at all like our brood in the early ‘organized’ AM!)

    Have a great time!

  4. If the fed can’t figure out how to stop this free fall you’d might wanna consider staying there.

    You’ll have a mortgage free home (tent), and fishing rods and such for food.


    And after all, when you get back, you might find us all camping.

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