Law Steps in to Help Poor Sod: Elderly Man Released After Neighbors Plant Grass in Yard

As discussed earlier, 66-year-old grandfather, Joseph Prudente, has been sitting in jail because the fully lawned people at the Beacon Woods Civic Association secured the contempt order for his failure to keep up his front lawn. Despite national outcry, the head of the association and its lawyer believed that this was a fair response to Prudente’s failure to respond to their demands — ignoring the fact that he is on a fixed income and trying to support a daughter with two children during an economic meltdown. Now, Andy Law and his girlfriend, Mary Dinan, have shown the humanity that appears entirely absent at the Beacon Woods Civic Association.

Law is also facing bankruptcy and the two are about to lose their home. However, unlike Prudente’s neighbors, he could not understand why someone did not simply help Prudente and sod his lawn. He got others to help. Finally, the association told the judge that it was satisfied and Prudente was released. Circuit Judge W. Lowell Bray said that he will still have to pay court costs.

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