Chief Judge Edward Nottingham To Resign Amid Scandal

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Chief Judge Edward Nottingham has decided to resign after months of scandal and judicial complaints.

Nottingham has been a perpetual machine of controversy. In 2007, his ex-wife revealed in divorce proceedings that he spent $3,000 in just two days on strippers. Then he was accused of berating a handicapped woman who complained that he parked in a handicap spot. Then his name came up on a list of clients of Denver Players, a high-end prostitution ring.

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5 thoughts on “Chief Judge Edward Nottingham To Resign Amid Scandal”

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  2. Never mind the legal complaints, somebody call the fashion police! Is that a combo hair plugs/bad dye job? Whatever is on Judge Nottingham’s head, it’s just so wrong.

    Keep up the great work Professor Turley.

  3. I hope that when Judge Nottingham is no longer a federal judge, he will be prosecuted for depriving my rights under color of law. I filed a federal complaint because I was criminally prosecuted because I complained about corruption in Steamboat Springs, CO. The local court emailed to me and confirmed there was no probable cause for prosecuting me.

    From: schaffrick, cat
    Sent: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 4:06 pm
    Subject: RE: Your request

    I do not see any record of arrest or probable cause affidavit in this
    And, you are welcome
    —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 2:19 PM
    To: schaffrick, cat
    Subject: Re: Your request

    Dear Routt County

    My address is

    Kay Sieverding
    641 Basswood Ave
    Verona, WI 53593
    508 848 5721

    So in the criminal case, People v. Sieverding, you have no record of
    any warrant, no record of any arrest, and no record of any affidavit of
    probable cause, correct?

    And you have no record of why the action was dismissed either, correct?

    Thank you

    Kay Sieverding

    Judge Nottingham simply refused to process my case and when I tried to get another court to process it, he put me in jail for going to another court.

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