Florida Man Sues Strip Club for Negligent Pole Dance

In appears that strippers are appealing in courts around the country this week and not just in the federal Denver courthouse. In Fort Lauderdale, Charles Privette, 35, has filed a tort action against a strip joint called the Booby Trap after a stripper’s high heel flew off during a pole dance and hit him in the head.

Privette said that the shoe flew off with such force that it shattered the mirrored ceiling and caused glass and the shoe to hit him. He is seeking $15,000 dollars (the damages would presumably be paid in single dollar bills or credit for 1500 lap dances or 3000 pole dances).

The concept of a negligent pole dance or lap dance is nothing new, click here. Indeed, even stripper’s have recently brought tort actions against clubs, here.

For the full story, click here.

9 thoughts on “Florida Man Sues Strip Club for Negligent Pole Dance”

  1. hilarious. it is just a one off incident. how come no one complains or sues when the tiny pieces of cloth comes off the dancer? *roll eyes*

  2. Good job Mespo! I would think that Mr. Privette(is that a fake name?)would have a hard time proving his case because I don’t think too many of the patrons would want to go on the record that they were at a strip club to witness this horrible negligence on the part of the dancer and club.

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