Man Dies After Trying to Blow Up Georgia Law Firm

Police in Dalton, Georgia are investigating an explosion at a law office and killed Lloyd Cantrell, 71, who is believed to have set off the blast. One lawyer and three employees were hurt at the small firm of McCamy, Phillips, Tuggle & Fordham. The firm deals with wrongful deaths from their small converted mansion, though not this type of wrongful death actions. This remains one of the continuing perils of this profession when over-wrought individuals come to seek counsel or contest cases.

Cantrell had just previously attended a meeting at the firm about his civil lawsuit. An officer saw someone get out of a sport utility vehicle and run behind the building just before the blast.

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2 thoughts on “Man Dies After Trying to Blow Up Georgia Law Firm”

  1. From the Article:

    “Cantrell [the bomber] was a man known around town for wearing bib overalls and carrying a small Chihuahua.”


    Don’t why it matters but it’s in the article. The southern mind is fascinating!

  2. This story reads like something out of a Grisham novel. To call that family dsyfunctional is an understatement. The story doesn’t tell us if the son or daughter tried to get help for the father who appears to have had some mental health issues. This story reminds me of an attorney in a neighboring suburb of Chicago who was shot and killed by a former participant in a divorce matter. He was shot several years ago outside his office. They didn’t tell us in law school that the practice could be so dangerouse!

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