Photographer Attacked by Jewish Settlers While Taking Pictures of Palestinian Farmers

Jewish settlers attacked a photographer who was taking pictures of Palestinian farmers picking olives in the West Bank on Saturday — an attack filmed by AP Television. One man then hit a woman who tried to retrieve the camera that the settlers took from the photographer. Palestinians have long complained about such attacks.

AP filmed as four Jewish settlers came through the orchard and attacked the photographer and took his camera near Hebron. One settlor then punched a 53-year-old British woman in the face when she tried to get the camera back.

The military has blamed the Palestinians for not coordinating with military officials first: “There was no coordination before they arrived … something that constitutes a provocation.”

Police have launched an investigation into the actions of the Palestinians and their supporters as well as the local residents who attacked them.

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2 thoughts on “Photographer Attacked by Jewish Settlers While Taking Pictures of Palestinian Farmers”

  1. Actually, there has been a lot of settler violence against Palestinians lately, in addition to riots in Acre, all of which the Professor failed to notice. Yet violence against an employee of a Western news agency makes it suddenly newsworthy?

  2. Of course it ia all the fault of those wicked Palestinians, how dare they harvest their olives.

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