Thou Shalt Not File Frivolous Lawsuits: School Board Seeks Way to Stop Endless Lawsuits by Alabama Preacher

Alabama preacher Orlando Bethel and his wife Glynis appear to like render upon Caesar what is Caesar’s in the form of a continual stream of lawsuits. Now the Baldwin County’s school board has asked a judge block further lawsuits. The Bethels responded, you guessed it, by filing another lawsuit for $5 million.

The Bethels object to the denial of permission to set up a Christian after-school program and accuse the Board of religious bias against them. The board says that the Bethels have already cost them over $30,000 in legal fees so it filed with the local Circuit Court asking “for guidance in hopes of preventing prolonged legal expense to the taxpayers.”

“Guidance” is generally viewed as an advisory opinion, but some courts have barred filings from habitual litigants who file frivolous lawsuits. The Bethels have more than a dozen federal lawsuits against various government entities in Alabama, including the Baldwin school board, the town of Loxley and the cities of Selma, Montgomery and Robertsdale.

A bizarre video for “Corrupt Cops: Repent or Burn in Hell” appears to feature their work, here. Another protest video is shown here.

Previously, they complained that Orlando was beaten when he appeared at his wife’s uncle’s funeral to tell everyone that they (and the deceased) were going to hell, here. Glynis Bethel referred to her uncle as a “drunkard and a fornicator.” That always adds to a funeral.

There is a “Repent or Burn in Hell Ministry” connected with Westboro and features the work of the Bethels here.

For the full story, click here.

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  3. When I say that DOJ put me in jail on the premise that I was a vexatious litigant, I don’t mean that I was charged or convicted with anything or that I was a vexatious litigant.

    DOJ put me in jail I think because lawyers for Kevin Bennett and the City of Steamboat Springs CO who I think were buying lap dances and prostitution services for former judge Naughty Nottingham also bought them for his USMS guards. They wanted more lap dances so they kidnapped me. I was not arraigned and there was no bail hearing and no trial.

    I wasn’t a vexatious litigant either. I had a proper claim for First Amendment Retaliation in Steamboat Springs where I was harassed by government authorities for asking if Kevin Bennett (president of the city council) was a drug dealer (yes he pled guilty to that) and complaining about two extra buildings at 701 Princeton. The buildings are visible from the street and on Google street view but they aren’t on the Routt County property tax rolls for Kevin Bennett and Jane Bennett at 701 Princeton Ave. Not a single sentence that I wrote was found to be fraudulent. I was just really abused by the government and the legal system.

    And I am really really really angry about it. I’m not going to forget about it and I’m not going to shut up about it until it is admitted in Court what happened and someone pays me to shut up.

    Jane Bennett got Colorado Judge James Garrecht to sua sponte rule in her presence that I “molested” her. I wouldn’t have sex with that woman if you paid me a million bucks. Jane Bennett sought the ruling that I molested her because she and her husband Kevin M. Bennett spent $65,000 on buildings that violated the zoning and she didn’t want to tear them down. She followed me around Steamboat Springs asking the police, who reported to her husband who was at that time a secret convicted drug dealer, to arrest me for going to the store. The Bennetts also sent the Steamboat Police to my young son to investigate whether a footprint, which was 4 feet from their property, was mine (it wasn’t). On the day I supposedly molested Jane Bennett there was no physical evidence of molestation, no witnesses saying I molested her, and I was 30 feet from her. She told the Court that the Court should basically put me on house arrest because she was “afraid of my aura”. Garrecht ruled with no statute and he didn’t follow the statutory procedures.

    When I was criminally prosecuted in Steamboat, the reason that I was prosecuted was that the prosecutor, Elizabeth Wittemyer, was married to a real estate speculator and wanted to get the city council to help him increase the value of his property. There was no written statement of probable cause and the only person who signed a criminal complaint was Jane Bennett, who wasn’t allowed to sign it because she was only the drug dealer /city council president’s wife not a police officer. But because the drug dealer/ city council president controlled the police budgets and the wife of the assistant police chief also worked for the city council president — as a zoning code enforcer who didn’t enforce codes — the police let her sign the form on the line for police officer. An arraignment is mandatory but the prosecutor skipped that. Then she dismissed the charges without an oral hearing which is specifically against the CRS. And then she issued a statement that Jane Bennett was my victim but a trial was too expensive. And that is something the Supreme Court ruled in 1993 in Buckley v. Fitzsimmons that you can sue for, but the magistrate who the city attorney billed for ex parte conferences with said that the S.C. was wrong and he said that all prosecutors have immunity all the time no matter what they do even if there are no pending criminal charges.

    Everyone should worry about the USMS transforming themselves into the Nazi SS and just grabbing people off the street or locking them up because a drunk judge said to do so. There is nothing to stop the USMS from arresting millions of people and putting them on indefinite long term detention or even executing them because criminals paid judges to order non criminal detention.

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