Ha, Ha, Thump: GOP Election Officer Distributes Letter Calling Obama “Black Hitler”

Johnson County Clerk Jill Jackson in Franklin, Indiana waited until after hours to put copies of a chain letter on the desks of employees that called Sen. Barack Obama a “young, black Adolf Hitler” and discussed the absence of white pride. The problem is that a video camera captured her at 5:27 p.m. on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. When she was confronted by police, she insisted it was a joke — she merely forgot to tell anyone. Here’s one: what goes “Ha, Ha, Thump”? — a disgraced Indiana clerk laughing her head off.

The only thing that is more in question than Jackson’s veractity is her sense of humor. She insists that it is simply hilarious to pass around a chain letter calling Obama a Hitler and adding “He is proud of his ‘African heritage’ (a father who got a white girl pregnant and deserted her)” and asking, “Where is the pride in his ‘White heritage?'” It then states “The U.S. citizens are just not ready to give up their country to this young, black ‘Adolf Hitler’ with a smile, poor direction and absolutely no experience!.” Now, that is simply a scream.

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9 thoughts on “Ha, Ha, Thump: GOP Election Officer Distributes Letter Calling Obama “Black Hitler””

  1. Actually, there were additional steps that could have been taken, particularly regarding the employee or employees who gave Jackson the letter. And Cindy Rapp, the DemoRat on the Election Board, could have pressed the issue. Both the Board and the County Commissioners were requested, in writing, to establish the facts and take the appropriate steps. NOTHING happened, of course. There is apparently a secret deal between the GOP and county Dems.

  2. After reading and heading back from time to time I’d like to add a few facts that some may not be aware of.

    1. The employees were not Democrats (the press got it wrong) The two employees simply pulled democrat ballots in the primary.

    2. No one is bringing up the fact that both individuals never spoke of whom they voted for in the office as Jill Jackson states. They work for a staunch Conservative Republican in a Republican controlled County- both are smart people- neither said a word about how they voted- plain and simple- Jill abused her power to obtain voting records and attempted to intimidate both of these people into swaying their vote- PERIOD!

    3. The one employee never “called the police” Because it is a court house- the security of the courthouse happen to be Deputy Sheriff’s. The breach in security was reported to courthouse security as it happened over a weekend. At the time he never knew who placed the item there- it could have been anyone- it just happened to turn out to be his boss! Courthouse security in turn pushed it to their superiors- the sheriff’s office and they were the ones who then turned it over to the prosecutors office. Neither employee had a hand in getting it this far. That was up to the sheriff.

    4. What is being done? Nothing. The clerk has now decided since the incident to snub both employees and treat them as if they don’t work there at all- she does not acknowledge their presence or speak to either of them. As if they did something in all of this. When the flood of calls starting coming in one of her office staff finally went to her and said “what am I supposed to tell these people” Her response to her was that “I’m elected- I’m not going anywhere.”


  3. Fascist,
    Although the cops were initially involved, I think the story actually quoted a states attorney who said she did not violate any laws. I agree with you that she should be disciplined by her employer and made to apologize, if not fired.

  4. Excuse me! Confronted by the police? For what? What she did is not a crime. It is protected free speech. The Constitutions of both her state and the nation protect her from being confronted by the government.

    Now being confronted by her employer is another matter. Had I been her boss, I would have told her that she was fired for her poor judgment.

    [Caveat: If she used the company’s photocopier/ printer to leave this missive her company could have complained about the minor theft to involve the police… though except for Obama, I doubt the cops would normally bother to be bothered.]

  5. Is it just a coincidence that we are starting to get these crazy Obama slurs all just before the election? First we have the Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann claiming that Obama and his ideas are anti-American, then the fake attack on the McCain campaign worker, and now this McCain campaign worker with this Hitler slur. Does McCain just attract these kind of ill and evil people or is it just poor campaign tactics? Add to that the Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh claim that Obama is going to Hawaii to forge his birth certificate and not to visit his grandmother. I know Rush and Savage are always lying about Dems, but when you put them together with these other braniacs, I am beginning to believe that these incidents are all related and part of an evil and stupid campaign plan.

  6. This falls into the category “People Unclear on the Concept”. Jill Jackson feels ‘white people’ don’t have enough pride. She taps into one of The Classic Racist Stereotypes (“a father who got a white girl pregnant and deserted her”) and she’s comparing _Obama_ to Hitler? The only remaining question is what is she imagining in her fantasy life?

  7. That’s not acceptable behavior for someone working in a county office job.Heck, it’s not acceptable for anyone to do that in any work place!
    She ought to be relieved of her duties if this is the type of behavior she finds to be acceptable.

    What if the a male county employee had passed out pictures of Palin in a bikini with a sexual joke on it? Many women would be offended and he would have been out of line.

    Please, let’s just grow up already!!

  8. Was she replaced or at the very least, reprimanded? Somehow, her actions seem worthy of a response than an apology to only two workers (who were probably black). She can’t be trusted to have anything to do with the election process because she has stated her reasons and shown that she will take action to support her reasons – if she can get away with it.

  9. Seems to me that such a partisan ELECTION OFFICIAL charged with, among other things, OVERSEEING VOTE COUNTS should be removed immediately from office and replaced–or at least very closely supervised during the election to prevent vote tampering. I’ve been subjected to this treatment (anonymous political propaganda left on the desk) and it’s anything but funny; it’s intimidating. She didn’t “forget” to tell her employees about her “joke”; that’s pure BS she thought up when confronted with the video evidence. A person who would do this should not be trusted with anything to do with the election process.

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