Lipstick on a Pac: Palin Spent $32,800 on Hair and Make-Up

New reports show that “Hockey Mom” Sarah Palin spent $32,800 on hair and make-up in just two weeks. At that rate, you buy and could lipstick over 64,000 pigs. You could also pay the annual salary and medical expenses for one average citizen for what Palin spent on hair and make-up in two weeks. In the meantime, Palin has now given her deposition in the troopergate investigation where an investigation has already found that she acted unethically in the firing of a state employee.

This new report comes on the heels of the disclosure that she spent $150,000 on clothes.

Put another way, that is $2342 A DAY. I do not know many hockey mom — they’ll primarily soccer or baseball moms in Northern Virginia. However, it is now clear that they are a real bargain.

The most interesting factoid: Palin’s make-up artist is the highest paid campaign staff member.

For the full story, click here and here.

8 thoughts on “Lipstick on a Pac: Palin Spent $32,800 on Hair and Make-Up”

  1. Mojo and Jill,
    If I could win the lottery, I don’t think my first stop would be Saks or Nieman Marcus. Of course, I am out of touch with Alaskan Hockey Moms!

  2. Mojo,

    That was fabulous! It’s you and me after we blow through our lottery winnin’s and the lump sum guy comes a knocking!!!

  3. Jill/rafflaw –

    It shows that Palin really is just like you and me … if you and me just won the lottery and had loads of money to burn.

    My question is: How badly does she look that it takes fifteen thousand a week to spruce her up?

    Isn’t she at all insulted that they are paying that kind of money to make her up?

    Oh yeah, we’re talking about Sarah “I read … whatever they put in front of me” Palin.

  4. rafflaw,

    I agree. It is stupid and should tell the voters are great deal to spend that kind of money while the food banks can’t get enough food, people are losing their jobs and homes and can’t pay for heat. Yep, McCain/Palin really know all about how tough times are–idiots!!!

  5. Jill,
    I have been out of touch for years! At least my kids tell me that. Gyges could be right that these expenditures are between the RNC and their contributors, but when they evidence the hypocrisy of the candidate, it is every voter’s business.

  6. rafflaw,

    You are so out of touch! Everyday “Hockey Moms” go to month long spa treatment centers for “me time” and “self renewal”. It all costs money, but Sarah’s worth it, I’m certain you and others would agree.

    I think Gyges is correct to say this is between the RNC and their donors and I bet the donors are rethinking those contributions!

  7. I think I need to change professions and become a make-up specialist. That is some serious change that the RNC or the McCain campaign is throwing around to spruce up their VP candidate. Pretty wild for a normal everyday “Hockey Mom”!

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