Video: Family Denounces Obama as Children Make Monkey Sounds

If you wonder how this country still raises guys like the two neo-Nazis who wanted to kill Obama (while living with their grandparents and reading Guns-n-Ammo), take a look at this video. Here we have a family chanting “No ‘Bama” while the children make monkey sounds. Note the adults look directly at the older girl making monkey sounds and say nothing.

This follows the video of the man holding a monkey doll at a Palin rally and, just this week, more people yelling the n-word at a Palin rally.

The latest video is incredible, not to watch the little girl but the parents. This is how racists are raised. They just do not develop naturally. They need to be groomed and shaped by other racists.

Of course, at least one Obama supporter have worked hard to show that hateful moronic displays are not limited to one side of this election. A California man displayed Palin hanging from a noose in front of his house. Chad Michael Morisette, who lives in the house, defended the effigy, claiming it was art. Really? So every white supremacist who lynches Obama in effigy is an artist? Morisette has every right to his display but the public has every right to denounce this display as hateful, tasteless, and clueless.

For the latest video, click here.

4 thoughts on “Video: Family Denounces Obama as Children Make Monkey Sounds”

  1. FFLeo:

    No one denies their right to act like asses. The First Amendment promises protection from government coercion or censorship for protected speech, not immunity from public scorn and ridicule against those whose IQ does not exceed the number of amendments that exist to the Constitution.

  2. However, regarding the “racist ideas” and irrespective of any actions taken, what about precluding the First Amendment rights of the parents and their children to espouse their “beliefs.”

    I prefer a rock-solid First Amendment, notwithstanding abhorrent thoughts and Neanderthal “thinking,” as long as *no* actions follow that are illegal and/or cause human physical harm and/or inanimate structural damage.

  3. I agree with Mespo. Any time children are instructed or led to racist ideas and actions, it should be considered as child abuse and the ability of these parents to properly raise children should be looked at very closely.

  4. This video is a depiction of psychological child abuse. As I said before, I am still mulling the wisdom of the substantive due process right for all to rear children.

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