Video: John McCain on SNL as “The True Maverick: A Republican Without Money”

John and Cindy McCain were hilarious last night on Saturday Night Live. In the video below, McCain teams up with Tina Fey in a QVC take-off that shows a much funnier side of McCain, who has always done surprisingly well on these shows, as the past clips below show.

I personally love the McCain “Fine Gold” ticket. This is a great opportunity for McCain to make last pitch for younger voters and it was very successful.

It was a bit surprising to see McCain participate in a video so mocking of Palin and her motives — particularly with polls showing that Palin may now cost McCain the election. Polls show between 53 and 58 percent of people view her as unqualified and not having the personal traits for a president. One recent poll also shows that most people do not agree with those “values” that she has insisted separate her from “‘folks in Washington.” The Palin choice now stands as one of the greatest blunders in modern political history — and one of the greatest gifts to comedy in the last century.

For the video, click here and here and here.

For this past appearance on SNL, click here and here.

5 thoughts on “Video: John McCain on SNL as “The True Maverick: A Republican Without Money””

  1. Nope, I believe McCain’s money pit got ummmm closed up. Remember when he threatened the SEC’s Chris Cox, long before anyone else ever uttered SEC in the beginning stages of this financial crisis? Everyone thought that was wierd but me. And I believe if you’d think back to that time, consider what he said, and now says he is broke, there’s a story there…. and its signficant.

  2. I have to agree that they were funny, but it did seem that McCain knows he is going to lose and the whole skit smacked of desperation on his part and on the part of his wife who made a brief appearance. I can only hope that the results Tuesday night reflect that his deperation was warranted.

  3. I was shocked by it — it struck me most as a man who knows he’s going to lose, has accepted it, and has broken free of his handlers to give them a giant ‘F U!’ when it will hurt.

    Two key points:

    1) “Palin” goes rogue and turns away from McCain to hawk her own “Palin in 2012” shirts. That’s so close to reality that it would be a good standalone piece, and really slams the priorities of the bottom of the ticket. So it’s funny, and I’m sure McCain feels it, but you NEVER ridicule your own ticket immediately before the election. It’s as classless as one spouse ridiculing the other at a party, or a boss ridiculing an employee at a staff meeting.

    I was so shocked that I thought Fey had gone rogue and inserted a bit afterwards without McCain’s knowledge, but later he reappeared and clearly agreed with the bit.

    Palin does deserve to be spanked. She deserves to be spanked in public after what she’s done in public. But not before the election.

    So why did he agree to it?

    2) During “Weekend Update” McCain discussed becoming another type of maverick. “Double Maverick”, etc. I haven’t reviewed the clip to make sure I got the language 100% right, but that’s basically going maverick on your own team and saying what you want, not what they want you to say. It’s clearly a slam at the Rovian tactics that have left so many people saying “I would vote for the 2000 McCain, but never the 2008 McCain.” He’s going to be that type of maverick.

    I believe McCain would have benefited tremendously if he had done this a month or two ago and followed through on it. But today? It might get a few votes, it will certainly be talked about by pundits, but overall it felt like somebody in the last stage of grief. Acceptance.

    (To be clear, I’m incredibly impressed by that. As I read it, he’s admitting that he made a mistake and accepting the consequences with grace. Very few people can do that.)

  4. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am definitely staying up to watch the SNL skits on Monday. I think they’ve done such a great job…it cracks me up to watch it!! I really loved the Barack Obama Variety hour skit

    Finally, SNL is funny again

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