Bush: “What’s the G20?”

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is under fired after the disclosure of an allegedly embarrassing statement by President Bush during a telephone conversation. Nothing classified mind you. During the call over the global financial crisis, Rudd suggested a meeting of the G20 and Bush responded “What’s the G20?” The group represents the world’s leading economies.

If true, one needs to keep in mind that Bush has only had eight years to get the major international groups clear in his mind — and distinct from such things as the Big Ten conference. I personally feel much better about our initiative to lead the world through this economic meltdown.

Before Bush set out to set everything right, he might want to check out their website.

In the meantime, there must be some sort of sanctions that we can impose on Australia for embarrassing our president with his own embarrassing statements. I am personally returning my Milko chews and releasing my Koala bears.

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8 thoughts on “Bush: “What’s the G20?””

  1. You know, there is probably not one of us who upon reading this, could not remember ourselves doing this once or twice (asking something we already know the answer to).

    Consider that the G-20 Summit occurred in Washington D.C., the month after this interchange became public. I doubt they scheduled it on Rudd’s say-so.


    The G-20 Leaders Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy took place on November 14–15, 2008, in Washington, D.C.


    10 October – Prime Minister Kevin Rudd receives a phone call from U.S. President George W. Bush during a dinner party at The Lodge. A subsequent edition of The Australian newspaper reports that during the call, President Bush asked Rudd what the G-20 was. Although the White House and the Prime Minister deny this exchange took place, the Opposition uses the event to question Mr Rudd’s discretion.[35]

  2. Gee busboy, I did a 30 second search and all I found was that we cannot find out who leaked it. The PM still says it happened. Sorry freeper-land delusion is not evidence don’t cha know

  3. Surely Mr. Turley, a 30 second check on this would have revealed this never happened, but I guess you are too lazy.

    My my what will the little Turley do when Bush is no longer President. Who will he HATE then?

  4. One more example of the Bush intellect and work ethic. No wonder we are in the economic crapper that we are in with this guy at the helm.

  5. “I am personally returning my Milko chews and releasing my Koala bears.”

    Still laughing out loud. Thanks. And GOOD LORD won’t it be nice to have someone in the Oval Office with the intellect, demeanor, curiosity, and skill set fitting the job!! I’m still scared but so excited I can hardly stand it.

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