Laugh Test: Virginia Decides Not to Name or Charge Person Responsible for Voter Suppression Flyer

thumb_election_ballot_box_2genthumb-1ashx In 2000 and 2004, GOP activists misled voters with fake fliers that told democrats that they would vote on Wednesday rather than Tuesday. The fliers have appeared throughout Virginia and the culprit has been identified. However, the state officials have decided not to charge the person responsible.

State Board of Elections Secretary Nancy Rodrigues said Monday the flier bearing the Virginia seal and the elections board logo was simply a joke that got out of control. Officials have refused to release the name or to charge the individual.

I fail to understand how this act, which is a misdemeanor crime, falls under some joke exception with the state. It is hard to dismiss such an act as a joke when it was used for voter suppression in the last two elections. Is there now a laugh test for state officials. If a suppression device makes them giggle, no charges will be brought?

Given the growing failure of Rodrigues and her colleagues to guarantee sufficient staff and machines for this elections, it would be helpful to have more information on why criminal charges were not brought. The message of others is particularly bad: if you suppress votes as a joke, Virginia will give you a humor pass.

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22 thoughts on “Laugh Test: Virginia Decides Not to Name or Charge Person Responsible for Voter Suppression Flyer”

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  2. Really Jill? That’s pretty wild. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up

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