Arkansas Bans Gays from Adopting While Michigan and Massachusetts Vote on Marijuana Use

thumb_election_ballot_box_2Arkansas voters decided yesterday that it was better to have children remain unadopted than to place them with gay parents. In the meantime, Michigan voted to allow medical marijuana use while Massachusetts decriminalized marijuana use and ban dog racing.

It was a bad night for gay and lesbian citizens with votes against same-sex marriage and adoption. California’s vote was particularly heavy as a blow for the effort for equal rights. Florida voters rejected same sex marriage by 60% despite Obama’s win in the state. It shows that gay and lesbians are losing many democrats in this struggle.thumb_election_ballot_box_2

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3 thoughts on “Arkansas Bans Gays from Adopting While Michigan and Massachusetts Vote on Marijuana Use”

  1. I cannot imagine what is the fear that people have with gay marriages and gay adoptions. In a society where one half of all marriages end in divorce, how can gays getting married harm the “sanctity of marriage”?

  2. The tyranny of the majority continues against gay and lesbian individuals.

    The short period of time between the May ruling in California and the ballot question in November worked heavily against the correct outcome. Here in Massachusetts, any similar question would fail. Residents have lived with gay marriage for several years and recognize that the sky has not fallen. It is a non-issue to the vast majority, from the city to the suburbs. Views have matured.

    The Massachusetts marijuana decriminalization effort as a small step in the right direction. The voters overwhelmingly passed the initiative despite broad condemnation of the effort, mostly by liberal state politicians.

  3. The Arkansas ban even applied to gay couples serving as foster parents. Apparently they have cooties. One wonders when the good folks in Ar-kansas will be enlightened enough to truly ban incest. It took them until 2003 to merely toughen laws against those who “grow their own victims.”

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