Florida Court Strikes Down Law Prohibiting Wearing of Uniforms For People Not in the Military

thumb_soldier_army_military_gi_cartoonA Florida Appellate court has struck down an unconstitutional state law in Florida that made it unlawful to wear military uniforms if you are not in the military. The court ruled that the law violated the first amendment.

In May 2007 Fernando Montas wore an Army uniform at the Orlando International Airport. He stood in an expedited security line for military and security personnel. TSA noticed his longer hair and arrested him under the Florida law, which makes it a misdemeanor to wore such a uniform.

The law makes exemptions for actors, military cadets and both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Montas claimed that the statute violated his First Amendment and due-process rights. He contended that he wore the uniform to express his support for members of his family who are in the military. A state trial court agreed with Montas and ruled that the statute violated his constitutional rights.

On Oct. 31, 2008, the appellate court affirmed the lower court decision, holding that the law was so overbroad that it “would criminalize a child wearing his parent’s Army boots or a person wearing an imitation military uniform for Halloween.”

For the opinion, click here.

The charges against Montas have been dropped.

4 thoughts on “Florida Court Strikes Down Law Prohibiting Wearing of Uniforms For People Not in the Military”

  1. Can we all at least agree that this guys is probably just a scumbag trying to get through airport security faster? It certainly seems like the statute could be pretty easily replaced with something that could be compared to those outlawing impersonating a police officer.

  2. (I have no idea what the previous comment has to do with anything.)

    What I find interesting about this uniform case in Florida is the law’s exception made for Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts are prohibited from wearing (unaltered) military uniforms under its Congressional charter. The earliest uniforms for Boy Scouts in the US were surplus WWI uniforms, but the military buttons had to be replaced with plain or BSA-embossed ones to avoid running afoul of the charter.

    This begs the question, at what point is an altered military uniform no longer a uniform? Surely there are military surplus stores in Florida, and surely its customers don’t purchase its wares for use in the privacy of their own homes. It’s incredible this issue hasn’t been raised before.

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