Saturation Politics: New Jersey Politician Accused on Urinating on Citizens

05*Voters often complain that politicians do little but piddle on them. Well, New Jersey Councilman Steven Lipski is accused of taking this metaphor to a more literal extent by urinating on people at a concert. There was a time when simply a warm handshake would do.

Lipski was ejected fro the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. after being witnessed by club staff urinating onto patrons from a second-floor balcony during a band performance. The club said that he was well-known to them as someone who “gets really belligerent and drunk.”

Jersey City Councilwoman Willie Flood told local media that Lipski claimed it was a spilled drink that fell on other Grateful Dead fans. I will assume that he will not claim it was “Nuts and Berries” or “Alien Secretion” though a “Mind Eraser” might be useful. Certainly, claiming that he had “Sex on a Beach” would hardly improve his fortunes.

Lipski has now been charged with simple assault. He could also face battery claims in tort actions.

After his arrest, he issued a statement pledging to stop drinking. He might also want to stop that urinating on people thing too.

Jersey City has had its share of lively politicians. Recently, Councilman Jerramiah Healy was found naked and passed on his front steps just before he was elected mayor.

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13 thoughts on “Saturation Politics: New Jersey Politician Accused on Urinating on Citizens”

  1. Buddha,
    It has been so long since I even looked for a bottle of Ripple, I could not tell you if it still exists. For the stomach linings of college students everywhere, I hope they aren’t making it anymore. Althought, I think Bali Hi wine was worse!

  2. Raff,

    Ripple? He was drinking with Redd Foxx? He’s in worse shape than anyone thought.

    I know they make the ol’ Mad Dog still, but do they even make Ripple anymore? I haven’t seen it since forever. Not that I was looking.

  3. I heard he’d been drinking from the hot tub all night, so everything’s O.K., it was chlorinated pee.

  4. CCD,

    Humor has returned. Thank you for your diligence and I am glad to be of service.

  5. That’s disgusting.

    Not really the best way to get re-elected, now is it?

    Where’s Lorana Bobbit when you actually need her?

    Sorry, I just had to had that

  6. Buddha please keep laughing!

    The Washington Post article by Amit R. Paley was far more disgusting than the drunk elected in New Jersey. I emailed a copy of the article to the members of the U. S. Senate Banking Committee. Senators Allard, Hagel and Dole have left the senate. I will drop off copies of the article to the local offices of Senator Dick Durban and former Congressman Rahm Emmanuel.

    Laughing can be sooo close to crying. Thank you for raising my awareness.

  7. Buddha,

    Thanks for that article. You can take it to the bank that the tax benefits were known to the administration, their lackies and top bank officials before that legislation was inked! There does need to be prosecution. What’s wrong with bipartisan outrage on behalf of the people?

    As to Mr. Lipski, I’m sure he just has an enlarged prostate and was under doctor’s orders not to hold his urine–no matter the cost! 🙂

  8. This guy is sick. Is this normal behavior in New Jersey?
    That change to the tax law that you highlighted is disturbing. Sounds like a case of the Fox in the Hen house. How do you “help” banks, by giving them 1 trillion dollars and then reducing their taxes under the cover of darkness. Sounds like a Bush Administration tactic to me.

  9. If you think that’s bad, check out the $140 billion whiz that thief Henry Paulson just took on the American citizens. All of us. All of us not working on the board of a bank that is. Furious doesn’t come close to describing my reaction to this article. He should be hung from a tree by his thumbs. And by thumbs, I really mean a much more sensitive part of his anatomy that rhymes with “halls”. I said at the onset that the bailout was a bad a idea. Now it’s a officially a crime. Here is the smoking gun . . .

    Obama had better not be so post-partisan he lets criminals like this go unpunished. Post-partisan is all well and good, but a stealing from taxpayers makes a thief just a much as treason makes a traitor.

    I need to go meditate now before I forget I’m a pacifist.

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