KKK: Joining is Free, Quitting is Fatal

Klan SlayingAn Oklahoma woman traveled to Covington, Louisiana to join a KKK group known as the “Dixie Brotherhood.” When she decided at the last minute to back out, the racists allegedly murdered her and burned her belongings. She was found under brush along the roadside and the leaders arrested including clan leader, Raymond “Chuck” Foster, 44.

Putting aside the homicidal intent, it is curious that these throwbacks would go through the trouble of burning the victim’s belonging but then dump the body itself along the roadside. Then again, as St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain, “The IQ level of this group is not impressive, to be kind.”

The woman was supposed to be participate in a ritual and then recruit others in Oklahoma. A fight broke out when she asked to be taken back to town. In addition to Foster who faces second-degree murder, seven others — five men and two women ages 20 to 30 — were charged with obstruction of justice.

Among the evidence found at the site were several flags and six Klan robes, some emblazoned with patches reading “KKK LIFE MEMBER” or “KKK SECURITY Enforcement.”

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14 thoughts on “KKK: Joining is Free, Quitting is Fatal”

  1. the KKK is badass! :), niggers piss me off so much. they were so much easier to get along with when they were in slavery

  2. if you going to join you got to be in it for life and thats why i want to join white power over and out

  3. Well, 24, I see you cannot spell or use punctuation either. As the Sheriff alluded, an IQ way up in the normal range is not one of KKK member’s problems.

  4. Its really sad story and feeling very bad about that poor woman. The KKK should be banned and the condemned persons should be hanged until death for this severe allegation raised.

  5. It is sad what had happen to this lady but she got what was coming to her, for playing with the big boys like the KKK. On the other hand, if a person wants to play wiht the big boys, they should get want they deserve.

  6. Sick story. It amazes me that the KKK is still killing people in the 21st century. What will it take for our society to rid ourselves of animals like this?

  7. My guess is that she was, or they suspected she was undercover in some way. The only other explanation would be that they were discussing actions that were clearly illegal and they couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t expose them. As far as the Sheriff’s comments go they are ridiculous. You don’t have to be smart to maim someone or to pull a trigger.

  8. “I can’t imagine anyone feeling endangered or at risk by one of these kooks.” Sheriff Stain said.

    I strongly disagree!

  9. Although it is sad what happened to that poor woman, it should be a warning to those that are thinking of joining the KKK. Look at what can happen if you have a change of mind. It’s pretty much a cult.

    Karma has a way of setting things straight.

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