Twelve-Year-Old Student Arrested for Passing Gas in Class

biohazard_warning_signFlorida School officials at the Stuart’s Spectrum Jr./Sr. High School had a twelve-year-old Florida student arrested for “deliberately passed gas to disrupt the class.” What is astonishing that that there were not only clueless teachers who would call police on such a matter, but that they found abusive police officers who would make an arrest on such grounds. This is not the first arrest due to flatulence in the first degree.

The police report states that the student “continually disrupted his classroom environment by breaking wind and shutting off several computers.” Sounds like a very good reason to remove the child and call his parents. If it continued in the future, it may be a very good reason for suspension. However, an arrest is one more example of how we are criminalizing our schools and society.

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12 thoughts on “Twelve-Year-Old Student Arrested for Passing Gas in Class”

  1. As a Florida resident may I say that having a separate Fark category is well deserved. Think “wild west” with great weather and excremental government supplied by both political party’s.

  2. As a taeacher, I’ve had students clear out a room for sure, but this is ridiculous.

  3. I have a feeling the guy is going to disrupt a little more than just the teachers class after being arrested for something so trivial.

  4. Maybe there’s something in the water. I used to think FARK picked on them for no good reason but I’ve since changed my tune. Geez Louise, there’s some loony action going on over there.

  5. As ripe for humor as this may be, all of this crap and its proliferation is not good for the state of our civil liberties. What was it we used to decry the USSR for being, a police state?
    What is it that we’ve become? When farting, see also DUI posting, becomes criminal behavior what chance does dissent have? We have lionized law enforcement to such a degree that these officials feel empowered to act in ways never before countenanced. Because of the nationwide intertwining of police officers with the school system, fueled by Columbine-like instances and the Bushies fear mongering, we have this idiot (no other apt adjective)
    teacher/principal calling the police to enforce discipline. Something has become rotten in America and its odor is fetid.

  6. I guess I missed the day in Criminal Law when they were discussing the potential for incarceration for being a 12 year old boy in his natural state.

    Makes you want to walk up behind the teacher and the cop, slap them in the back of the head, and say, “What the Hell were you thinking?”

  7. Now I know why the DOD computers were being hit with a global virus recently. It must have been “the silent, but oh so deadly virus”. I guess I am just getting old, but if this activity is a crime, there are a lof kids that I grew up with that would have a criminal record a mile long. I am amazed at the teachers in this situation and the police. I guess there are no adults left in in Florida.

  8. That’s true mespo. We will need to know this for the coming revolution! I see the headline now: PROTESTORS GIVE A HILL OF BEANS TO PENTAGON COMPUTERS

  9. “continually disrupted his classroom environment by breaking wind and shutting off several computers.”


    I had no idea that flatulence would affect electronics this way. Thanks to the police for this pearl of knowledge.

  10. Stop! In the name of Gas, before you break that fart! Think it o-o-over!

    Good grief, this child doesn’t need an arrest, he needs drugs (aka ritalin)! “Teacher, leave those kids alone”. Where are people’s sense of humor, concern and kindness for children?

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