Bad Rap: Rapper Convicted After Song Incriminates Him in a 2006 Shooting

wright-thumbRico Todriquez Wright, 25, was delighted with the popularity of his latest rap song, “Hitting Licks for a Living.” However, one person noticed one line from the song: Living’ and there’s a line that says ‘Chad Blue knows how I shoot’.” Licks is slang for a robbery and Chad Blue was shot in 2006 by Wright. Now, Wright has been given 20 years in jail and 20 years of probation for the crime. The guy who found the song particularly interesting? You guessed it: Chad Blue

Blue testified that he ran when a friend told Wright to shoot him. Wright and Chad never got along. He was hit in the thigh and groin. Years later, a friend brought over a new rap and he immediately recognized the voice and then heard the telltale line.

This is relatively rare. Most such incriminating lines emerge from books, but this case shows that a song will do just fine.

Of course, they never solved that Mac The Knife murder song.

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9 thoughts on “Bad Rap: Rapper Convicted After Song Incriminates Him in a 2006 Shooting”

  1. This is one dumb bastard. We’ll see how hard he is in the pen. Another case of when keepin’ it real goes wrong. This nigga is a chump for letting his ‘homies’ gas him up to do something like this. He’s either ignorant as hell or just a straight up retard.

  2. Just in keeping with the trend among modern criminals to memorialize their acts for posterity. You might recall our YouTube beat down involving some cinematic teenagers. I like it. It makes enforcement easy. Who says there is no progress!

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