Not OK: Prosecutors Seek To Jail Korean Actress for Adultery

images4South Korean prosecutors this week in South Korea are demanding jail time for Actress Ok So-ri for the crime of adultery. They are seeking a year and a half in prison for an affair under the country’s anti-adultery law.

The maximum under the law is two years. The prosecutors appear to be seeking a harsh sentence in retaliation after Ok led a national call to overturn the law and further noted that “The accuser (her husband) wanted a severe sentence.”
So far, the arguments of civil libertarians against the law have fallen on dead ears.
Last month, the Constitutional Court upheld the law, stating that adultery damages the social order.

Before you dismiss this as a backward legal system, keep in mind that there are still criminal adultery laws on the books in some states. While presumed unconstitutional, prosecution have occurred relatively recently. Indeed, when I wrote a column against such laws, I was inundated with outraged citizens defending such morals legislation.

There may be a move to re-criminalize the act after a bizarre incident at a Iowa football game where two married people went to the bathroom. One of the problems was that they were strangers who had never met and their respective spouses were still watching the game. What is really astonishing, and perhaps a lesson for Ok’s husband, is that the husband of Lois Feldman, 38, said that he feels that it was his fault for allowing Lois to go to the restroom alone after drinking too much. It is not known if the wife of Ross Walsh, 26, feels the same about her husband spotting such opportunities during bathroom breaks. I suppose that this is why the fans are called Hawkeyes. They are both facing indecent exposure charges. In the meantime, while Lois’ husband forgives her, she was fired from her job and her life is ruined from the publicity. She now insists that she is the victim and was probably drugged, here.

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