Home With the Havens: Man Shoots Wife During Sex in Alleged Accident

82283Police in Springfield, Ohio are dealing with a bit of challenging case to charge. Timothy Havens, 38, claims that he accidentally shot his estranged wife, Carolyn Havens, 42, while having sex. As the audio tape below indicates, he insists that he was reaching for something on the night stand when the gun went off. This is not the only bizarre crime involving couples this week, which serve as chilling reminders that these people are allowed to vote and driving vehicles freely in our society.

Mr. Havens has slightly changed his account from the call to the police dispatcher. At the time he reported: “Well not shot … she got up, we got up (from) the bed… the gun was laying there by the bed and she got shot,” Havens told the 911 operator. “She had her gun laying there beside the bed.”
However, he later said that the gun (belonging to his wife) was on the bed and he threw it off.

The Havens are well-known to the local police. He served 60 days for assaulting his wife and was ordered to go to anger management classes. He was arrested for violating a civil protection order that Carolyn had taken out against him earlier this year. What is strange, however, is that this appears to have been a voluntary liaison. Otherwise, he would have been charged with rape. All of the reports indicate that, while the shooting is being investigated, the liaison is not. If that is the case, it seems a bit bizarre that he is charged for being near his wife if she consented to the encounter. She was after all the person who got the protective order. Obviously, they need something to hold him on while the investigation proceeds, but it will be interesting (if this was an accident) whether he is charged with a violation of an order of protection after a voluntary encounter.

He is being held on a high $75,000 bond “due to alleged prohibited contact between the parties (and) the suspicious nature of the circumstances surrounding (her injury).”

Police in Port St. Lucie are dealing with another couple after a 20-year-old woman called police to report that her ex-boyfriend snatched her wig off her head and pedaled away on a bicycle. She told the police that she lived with her boyfriend for eight months, but never knew his last name. She could not give his first name and a guess at the first letter of his last name. The boyfriend then called her cell, spoke to police, and hung up.

Then there is the couple in Indiantown, Florida where a man threw a hot sweet potato pie in the face of his girlfriend because he was upset about what she made for Thanksgiving dinner, click here. There is an obvious basis for assault here but it is unclear what degree or weapon level will be charged.

Of course, none of these couples used the technique of actually driving around with each other on top of a car to work out their problems, here.

For the full story of the Havens, click here and here.

5 thoughts on “Home With the Havens: Man Shoots Wife During Sex in Alleged Accident”

  1. Obviously, Mr. Havens was never a Marine or in the Army.

    During early boot camp, drill instructors stress the differences between a man’s gun and his weapon. Had Mr. Havens been a recruit, he would have never make this foreplay mistake of confusing one for the other.

    This is another good example of why I am for the military draft. You learn many valuable lessons, including the sex education that you missed in middle school or high school classes, or on the playgrounds.

    I mean, the life lessons I learned from cadence calls alone! Your girlfriend was home when you Left, You’re Right! Left, Right, Left…I shan’t shout-out the remainder of the cadences now on this puritanical liberal forum within which only the highest standards of decorum prevail.

    My point being, we need a military draft! How else can we rid society of the Havens’ of the world?

  2. I’m not a lawyer(which, I imagine, will become fairly evident to all after reading my posts) but that doesn’t even seem legal. That is, to hold someone on a questionable charge, while investigating a more serious charge. If the police or DA has evidence that it wasn’t a voluntary liaison wouldn’t that have to have been made public at the bail hearing?

    again pardon my ignorance

  3. I also have avoided a felony marital record, but then again my current problem is not throwing pies but eating them.

  4. Yikes! I don’t know how my wife and I have made through 34 years of marriage without at least one felony between us! The shooting sex couple are an especially bright pair. I am hoping that they do not have any kids, because to continue that gene pool could be hazardous to society. Is it a felony to be that stupid? A loaded gun on the bedstand is what every normal couple has in their home, isn’t it? Especially when your estranged husband, in violation of an order of protection comes over for a sexual tryst.

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