Bad Boy: Boy George Found Guilty in False Imprisonment Case

220px-boygeorge_pacha_brasil_ariadneBoy George appears headed to jail after a conviction for his abuse and imprisonment of Norwegian Audun Carlsen, 29, a male escort. The jury rejected ‘sGeorge O’Dowd claims of computer tampering by Carlsen.

At the trial, Carlsen testifed that O’Dowd invented the story about computer tampering after he refused to have sex at a previous meeting: “I think he couldn’t handle the refusal — me not having sex with him.”

Judge David Radford left O’Dowd with a chilling parting comment, stating “The fact that your bail is being continued does not imply that this will be dealt with by a non-custodial sentence. I don’t want any false expectations created.” Jail appears almost certain in the case

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