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  1. Back to the point. The only truely terrifying about the video was the horrible French pop music. I guess we deserved the Frenchified version of Yankee Doodle for our own shameful “freedom fries” episode. That, and wrecking the world’s economy, pissing on international law, starting a few wars, etc etc.

  2. My sincerest appreciation to the honorable, rational and insightful people who post here, thank you.

    Transgender Troll

    Do Mark & Mary share one brain?

  3. I’ve never seen some one so embarrased by the fact that millions and millions more Americans wanted to donate to his candidates opponent.

    Is it Barack Obama’s fault that he’s a calm, cool, rational, reasonable, educated, articulate, intelligent man?

    Or that your candidate was a senile grumpy old braindead lunatic with delusions of world conquest, who was dumb enough to pick a senile lunatic with delusions of world conquest who knew nothing about the world for his running mate?

    Quit being such a sore loser. We let you guys screw up the country and squander our money, morality and international credibility like a 17 year old crack whore with a credit card, so what’s your beef?

    The guy hasn’t even taken office yet for crying out loud. Geesh, give him chance to at least get sworn in before you start blubbering.


    He “bought” it with money we gladly gave him in record numbers to help him “buy” it and we’re eternally grateful he was able to afford it. If necessary to assure his election, we, the people who love America, would have given more, much more.

  5. Mark:

    I am stupefied by the increasing price of oolong tea at the MaLianDao Tea City in Bejing. What say you?

  6. I’m sorry, am I missing something here? This article is supposed to be about a the zany hijinks of a couple of less than wise thrill seekers, right?

    So why is this Mark character in here crying about an election that he lost a month ago?

    Dude, get over it. You lost. Get a job.

  7. Video: Campbell Brown rips Hillary for laughing off Obama speechwriter’s photo of him groping a cardboard cut out of her.

    “Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application.”

    Enter Brown, wondering why our feminist pope is suddenly handing out indulgences to sexists among her new boss’s cronies.

    I’m surprised by the statement. Not so much as a word of disapproval for the president’s chief speechwriter pretending to feel up the secretary of state? She must have an awesome sense of humor; the alternative explanation, that her eternal vigilance against the forces of male chauvinism was largely a politically expedient posture for the campaign, simply couldn’t be true, could it?

    “Consider what conservatives would say if Huck cupped Palin’s cutout.” Another commenter thinks this would be a firing offense at a corporation.

    Obama needs to FIRE this moron speechwriter of his today.


    National Journal columnist Stuart Taylor offers President-elect Barack Obama some national security advice in his latest piece today:

    The prospect of anyone in the U.S. being inappropriately wiretapped, surveilled, or data-mined seems to stir the viscera of many Bush critics more than the prospect of thousands of people being murdered by terrorists. This despite the paucity of evidence that any innocent person anywhere has been seriously harmed in recent decades by governmental abuse of wiretapping, surveillance, or data mining.

    On these and similar issues, Obama will have a choice: He can give the Left what it wants and weaken our defenses. Or he can follow the advice of his more prudent advisers, recognize that Congress, the courts, and officials including Attorney General Michael Mukasey have already moved to end the worst Bush administration abuses — and kick the hard Left gently in the teeth.

    I’m betting that Obama is smart and tough enough to do the latter.

  9. Congress has not taken anywhere near enough abuse for treating automobile company executives as morons because their expenses exceed their revenues.

    In truth, the auto companies made exactly the same mistake Congress did: they failed to anticipate the costs of the pension and health care benefits that they agreed to pay their retired workers. Both the auto companies and Congress are operating in the red as a result, and will be for the foreseeable future.

    The only difference is that Congress can tax Americans to cover for its errors and the car companies can’t. Other than that, Congress’s malfeasance dwarfs that of the former “Big Three.”

  10. Report: Obama Campaign Invested in Rockers, Tattoos

    Big bucks for 400,000 temporary “Obama” tattoos?

    It was part of the campaign’s late-in-the-race spending spree to rid itself of 750 million dollars in campaign contributions.

    In the final weeks of the campaign, Obama spent $197 million on, among other things, aging rockers, temporary tattoos and Google ads, the New York Daily News reported.

    The Daily News cited federal records that show Obama hired Jimmy Buffet and the living members of the Grateful Dead for a fund-raiser. The campaign spent $34 million to get its message across on Google.

    And those 400,000 temporary “Obama” tattoos? The tattoos were sent to 266 different Obama offices around the country in late October in time for Halloween, the Daily News reports.

    Obama also dropped $92 million on TV ads, $29.4 million on additional online ads and $34.4 million more on print ads.


  11. I feel like crying for their parents, OMG, maybe it would be a form of tough love if the parents decided to sue their own child for emotional and physical distress, if for nothing else, to drive home the stupidity of what these boys are doing. One pays for their braces, the cars, car insurance and the college tuition and this is how they say thank you to their parents for all the sacrifices made for their kids.

    With a video like that, how could any judge or jury say no?

    Anyways, I couldn’t watch this video for more that a second without feeling really sick in the pit of my stomach, having somewhat of an unthinkful brat of my own. It’s how these kids don’t seem to think about what their parents go though even seeing a video like that.

  12. Being a former rock climbing instructor and having soloed a few big walls, I didn’t think I could get queezy looking at a video. After all I’ve been off the deck myself as high as 250 feet without a rope. But this video, holy crap these guys are nuts. They obviously felt they could do it but the fact is what they were holding onto was too large in diameter, and obviously they were struggling with the pullups so a little sweat on the hands and “whooops”, there they go. I saw no chalk for the hands, no gloves for grip, so it really was a dangerous stunt.

    I think these chuckleheads went a little far with the stunt, but it’s likely they had some sort of safty rope that was difficult to see (watch Criss Angel walk down the side of a Vegas hotel)that we could not see or that was edited out prior to releasing the tape.

    If not, then they are dumber than I look.

  13. I didn’t know what to expect from watching the video. When the guy started slipping through the pipes to do his pull-ups my palms started sweating. Between the height and the antics, I thought that any second one of those guys would disappear through the pipes and fall to his death. I thought perhaps the reason this video was on Prof Turley’s page was because one of these guys had fllen and the others were suing someone for their own poor judgement. I just kept waiting and then…….whew!!

  14. There it is! That line between brave and stupid. I bet their mothers are proud, especially Mr. Pull Ups.

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