Judge Nottingham Silent on Bar Charges Threatening His License

Former Chief U.S. District Judge Edward W. Nottingham Jr. has not filed a response to misconduct allegations that may lead to him losing his bar license. Nottingham resigned after a long scandal involving prostitutes and strip joints.

The Colorado Attorney Regulation Counsel in such a circumstance would have an uncontested record and may feel obligated to disbar the judge or suspend him from practice. It can proceed without a response from the accused.

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2 thoughts on “Judge Nottingham Silent on Bar Charges Threatening His License”

  1. “The so-called elite caught out in the street with their pompous purity down”

    The older I get, the more “truth” and/or irony I find in the old country songs of the 1950s/60s that I “growed-up” with.


    “And out through the smoke ran Mayor Willed wearing nothing but a black silk hat

    And right behind him with his shirt tail afire came the local chief of police
    And banker Jones with a red-haired girl he always called his niece

    And then I spied Miss Nancy Ann herself helping someone else out of the fire
    Her arm around the red bald head of old *Judge* McEntire

    A deacon, a dentist, a deputy sheriff, and one state congressman
    The county physician, the city mortician, out through the flames they ran

    The grand parade of girls in gowns and hat-clad gentlemen
    Through the thick gray smoke that certainly smelled and hat-clad gentlemen like french perfume and gin


    Now everybody was out at the girl’s hotel by the time the roof caved in
    We were headin’ back to the billiard hall when Leo turned to my friend

    He said I believe that’s the funniest show I’ve ever seen in town
    The so-called elite caught out in the street with their pompous purity down”

    Note: I misheard the lyrics as ‘…with their *proper security down*’

    BTW, please note that there were no Constitutional Law scholars, PI attorneys, nor Criminal Defense lawyers mentioned in the song; proof positive of their upstanding character from time immemorial…

  2. I hear he did a formal written response but it was entangled with dollar bills in the garter of a precocious young lass at the Blue Kitten Lounge, and could not be timely retrieved!

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