Don’t Let the Door Hit You: Less Than One-Fourth of Americans Say That They Will Miss Bush

225px-george-w-bushOver seventy-five percent of Americans say that they will not miss President George Bush and that he cannot leave office too soon. That is 24 four points higher than the 51 percent who said that they would not miss Bill Clinton.

Just to make sure that he get the message. Twenty-eight percent say that President Bush is the worst president in U.S. history while twenty-three percent said that they will miss him. Even excluding industry lobbyists, bailout recipients, and environmental felons, that leaves five percent.

Bush has reached an unprecedented unpopularity — making further declines almost statistically impossible with his support reduced to the bedrock of the religious right and conservative base.

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23 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Door Hit You: Less Than One-Fourth of Americans Say That They Will Miss Bush”

  1. We Hold These SHOES to be Self Evident
    We the citizens of the United States of America,
    In order to form a more perfect Union,
    Do hereby send to you,
    George W. Bush
    “A farewell Kiss”
    As President you have “done one heck of a job”
    We patriotic citizens want to help you with your

    My fellow Americans

    George W
    Find his Footing

    Can’t throw ‘em
    We can mail ‘em

    Take one pair of your old shoes
    Inside one of the shoes place a letter explaining why
    You want to give Dubya’s Legacy
    “A farewell kiss”

    Thanks for my unemployment, making my 401(K) disappear, lying us into
    War with Iraq, sending my job overseas, destruction of our economy,
    Divisive politics, massive foreclosures, no available credit,
    4,000+US Soldiers killed, 30,000+wounded
    War crime tortures, no secure borders,
    No student loans, deregulation,
    So on and so forth

    When writing to the “Decider”
    Best to use one syllable words
    Also, use red (never blue) crayon on lined paper
    (The kind you used in the 1st grade)
    Use block letters. Happy faces a plus
    Wrap in plain brown paper

    Mail to:
    George, “Mission Accomplished”, Bush
    Crawford, Texas 76638

    Please do not send to the White House
    George, “Dead or Alive”, Bush
    Will need the vast open spaces of Texas to hold all
    The Shoes Heard Around the World

    Sock it to ‘em
    Stuff one nasty,
    Full of Holes,
    LEGACY sock in the other shoe
    George’s co-president, Dick Cheney

    Your letter will be the only intellectually honest LEGACY in the Bush Presidential Library

    Size 10

    Bo Jonson
    Wilmington, NC

  2. Rafflaw,
    I’ve heard that the greatest pleasure for the neocon right wing is in trying to frustrate “liberals.” If true, and I surmise it is, then they are having their fun here. Sad to contemplate that people can find pleasure in being ignorant, but I guess it takes all kinds….

  3. Mike,
    I think that these “trolls” may be just one person who enjoys throwing nonsense onto liberal or progressive websites in an attempt to discourage those of us who read them. You may be correct that he/she/they may be getting compensated for their efforts. Whomever they are, they must be getting their material from Rush Limbaugh and/or those folks at Fox News.

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