2008 Extended By One Second: Where is the Outrage?

images10Now, it is not because New Year’s Eve is my anniversary, but I am deeply aggrieved that 2008 has been extended by one second. This “leap second” was added by the ultimate big brother agency, the United States Naval Observatory under the dubious claim that it had to match the time to the Earth’s slowing spin on its axis. How do you intend to spend your unplanned 2008 second?

The extra second corresponds to 6:59:59 p.m. EST (23:59:59 GMT). This is the 24th second to be added since 1972. That is almost half a minute in my lifetime alone!

When Leslie and I eloped on New Year’s eve, I agreed to a standard and constant measurement of the years that would follow. This is the ultimate bait and switch. I have been forced into additional time in marital bliss without consent. It was bad enough to be married by a guy in an office filled with pictures of Dan Quayle after waiting with two clearly unwilling teens in a shotgun marriage. Now, I find that the government is extending the year to prolong my marital status.

What makes this so frustrating is that our anniversary is already mired in numerical controversy. I insist on counting eight years of courtship — making this our 19th anniversary. Leslie insists on only counting the legally enforceable contractual years — making this our 11th anniversary. Now, we have to deal with how to count the added second.

I intend to protest tonight by celebrating New Year’s at the originally determined period. The rest of you can be shills and suckers for the USNO.

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38 thoughts on “2008 Extended By One Second: Where is the Outrage?”

  1. Prof. Turley, congratulations.

    As for trolls, I, for one, will NOT be lectured to by people who’ve endorsed the foreign, domestic and economic failures of the Bush regime. Conservatives have zero credibility on these issues and lack “standing” to offer any viable criticism of the incoming administration. Unless they’re willing to be contrite, apologize for their errors of judgement for the passed eight years and submit to two weeks of intense left wing indoctrination, they have as much to contribute to an intellectual or political discussion as a small ill-tempered dog yapping from another room.

  2. An accusation of Godlessness from one who endorses torture doesn’t mean much, troll.

  3. How typical, Turley thinks crap of the marriage and apparently was happier just living together like the Godless wackos he hangs around with at MSNBC.

  4. JT:

    “So, I got married TWICE.”

    Does that make one a redundant spouse? In any event, have a Happy New Year/Anniversary!!

  5. Indeed, Rafflaw, it was a lovely day. After sitting in the midst of the two families screaming profanities at each other for the unwanted teenage pregnancy, we stepped out into the bright afternoon only to find a guy throwing up in the gutter from premature New Year’s celebrating. The key to the success of this marriage has been to maintain low expectations that I can continue to exceed with ease. Truth be known, my mother was delighted and then started to arrange the “real” wedding. I even had to go and get a real ring I(we used my high school ring). So, I got married TWICE!

  6. Wow! The Trolls have multiplied!! Good work by all fellow JT bloggers to attempt to persuade Candy and Martha and whomever is next to leave their fantasy world and actually think for themselves. Before I forget, Congratulations to Prof. Turley on his anniversary. What a day for a wedding!

  7. martha 1, December 31, 2008 at 5:51 pm


    I think you guys have taught everyone enough “tricks” for a while.

  8. I’m sorry. I actually should have included Martha in my comments. A horse of the same color.

  9. Candy,
    Did you know that your guy George W. Bush is the grandson of Prescott Bush, who was an American financier of Hitler and the Nazi’s. Your guys Dad George H.W. Bush has close ties of friendship and business with the Saud family. George W. Bush was in business with the Saudi’s for much of his adult life. Your Republican pals are not friends of Israel. If, however, your predilection is for Evangelical “Philo Israeli’s,” they’re only in it for Armageddon and the destruction of Jews. In other words if your not Jewish please stop pretending to support Israel when you obviously know little of what you’re talking about when it comes to Republicans and if this is a religious thing we Jews don’t believe in the rapture and/or Armageddon. If you are Jewish a little research and less ignorance would help. Have a lovely New Year and please go away.

  10. Martha, you can either rely on Ann Coulter for your ideas, or you can actually think for yourself. The beauty of this whole personhood thing is that the choice is yours alone to make. Please rest assured that the sky is not falling, Pres. Obama will not take your guns, Ann Coulter will still be able to find publishers for her books and the Republic will survive a (gasp) black man in the White House. Happy New Year!

  11. Olmert: No peace in Gaza till Hamas rockets

    Israeli military warns it may bomb Hamas co-founder’s home

    JERUSALEM (CNN) — Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed Wednesday that Israel’s air assault on Gaza would not end until Hamas militants quit firing rockets into Israeli territory.

    “We did not enter this operation in order to end it with the firing still continuing,” Olmert said in a security cabinet meeting, according to a senior government official.

    “Hamas broke this cease-fire,” Olmert said. “if there is a solution “that promises a better security … we will consider it, but we are not there,” he said, according to the official.

    Israeli airstrikes have pounded the territory since Saturday in an effort to halt the firing of rockets into southern Israel.

    Hi all,
    Remember the scene in the movie “the 4th of July” where the President cries out “doesn’t anyone have any missiles left”! In the context of nations willing to take on terrorists, Israel is the lone pilot (randy quade) that spoke up in the affirmative. Even America under a President Obama will undoubtedly bend to the terrorists will, he is weak spined when it comes to tough issues.

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