Former Harvard Medical School Professor Hangs Himself in Jail Cell

cornerRichard Sharpe was once one of the most accomplishment medical academics, holding a seat on the Harvard Medical School and earning millions from business enterprises as a dermatologist. However, the cross-dressing doctor killed his wife in 2000 in front of witnesses and was sentenced to life in prison. This week, he succeeded in committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell in Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Sharpe was found by his cellmate at MCI-Norfolk on Monday evening and was declared dead at a hospital. , said Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin.

Sharpe tried previously tried to hang himself in his cell in March 2002.

Prosecutors claimed he killed his wife Karen in July 2000 during a divorce where he stood to loose $3 million.

The trial became a sordid account of Sharpe cross-dressing habits and his suffering from various psychiatric disorders, including severe depression and intermittent explosive disorder.

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