Judge Samuel Kent Indicted on New Sexual Abuse Charges

judgeU.S. District Judge Samuel Kent will be arraigned this morning on the new charges. He was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on new charges of sexually abusing another court employee and lying about it to prominent federal judges who investigated a misconduct complaint against him. His trial on the prior allegations was scheduled for January 26th before U.S. Senior Judge Roger Vinson, of Florida.

Kent is accused of sexually abusing his former case manager, Cathy McBroom. In 2007, McBroom filed a formal judicial misconduct complaint with the 5th Circuit judicial council alleging that the judge physically touched her under her clothing twice and often made obscene suggestions during the six years she worked for him.

The same grand jury that indicted Kent in August added three additional charges Tuesday involving a second female court employee: aggravated sexual abuse, abusive sexual contact and obstruction of justice. The indictment accuses Kent of forcing the second court employee to repeatedly “engage in a sexual act,” including oral sex and using his hands to “penetrate or attempt to penetrate” her.

The addition of a second victim in such cases is always highly damaging for the defense. Jurors tend to believe allegations made by two different women of abuse. The defense will have the considerable task of knocking down both women on the stand — a difficult matter that risks triggering sympathy for the women before the jury. The additional allegations also moves the indictment from fondling to a more serious level of sexual contact. Finally, the new charges include obstruction of justice which is easier to prove than sexual assault and carried as 20 year sentence.

Kent faces a potential life imprisonment sentence for this conduct.

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    Grow up.

  3. FFLEO,
    The Israeli attacks are brutal and excessive. They are not there to stop rocket attacks. They are there to take over Gaza.

  4. YAAWD:

    Your posts are irrelevant to the topic thread at hand. I have no problem if your posts are relevant.

    Regarding the Gaza video, I assume that you read my full response, explanation, and admission that the first video was in 2005 but that subsequent confirmed attacks by the Israelis on Gazan civilian markets occurred and those bombings resulted in more carnage than the 2005 Hamas accident.

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  5. Former Federal LEO

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  6. Quoted from the link provided:

    “Kent already is facing a trial this month on criminal charges of sexually abusing his former case manager, making him the first federal judge ever to be charged with federal sex crimes.

    He repeatedly has denied the charges. DeGuerin has described his relationship with the first woman as “enthusiastically consensual.”

    Is “enthusiastically consensual” legalese?

    I am pleased to see the judicial system effectively policing their own ranks. Now, if the prosecutors can just out-lawyer Judge Kent’s lawyers and that is never a given–is it–then this guy might spend appropriate time on the other side of the great legal divide.


    I ignore most of the trolling posts but four continuous and irrelevant posts to a single thread is a bit excessive.

  7. Former Fed,
    I agree with you. At some point those troll posts should be removed. This judge is in serious trouble and it looks like he is a dirty old man and he should be spending some time upriver.

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    Wednesday, January 07, 2009

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    Embattled Executive David Rubin Gave Thousands to Campaign
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