Inmate Pulls Out Only Good Eye and Eats It: State Insists He Is Perfectly Sane Under Texas Standards

260xstoryAndre Thomas is perfectly sane according to Texas prosecutors. The view has not changed despite his habit of pulling out his own eyes. Before his trial for murder in 2004, Thomas pulled out his right eye. Yet, despite a history of mental illness, he was viewed as sane under Texas standards. Now, while on death row, Thomas pulled out his remaining eye and ate it.

Texas has long been criticized for its refusal to accept manifest insanity as a defense as in the case of Andrea Yates. It is not alone in this position, here, but it is certainly the most notorious.

Thomas, 25, was convicted of killing his estranged wife, their young son and her 13-month-old daughter in March 2004. He ripped out the hearts of Laura Christine Boren, 20, , 13-month-old Leyha Marie Hughes ,and 4-year-old Andre Lee., but Texas prosecutors did not consider that problematic in terms of his sanity. After the murders, he went to a police station, told the police that he had killed his wife and kids and then stabbed himself in the chest. When he later tore his own eye out, it was treated as just another idiosyncrasy.

After being treated on Dec. 9th in Tyler, Texas, he was transferred to the Jester Unit, a prison psychiatric facility near Richmond southwest of Houston. Yes, they call their psychiatric hospital “the Jester Unit.” (even if this is someone’s name, might they have considered another option?)

The refusal of prosecutor, courts, and legislators in Texas to recognize obvious insanity undermines the credibility of its entire legal system. The insatiable desire to put such people to death has now overridden the most basic demand of a legal system to recognize the difference between someone acting in full control and someone who is acting out of an insane compulsion.

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19 thoughts on “Inmate Pulls Out Only Good Eye and Eats It: State Insists He Is Perfectly Sane Under Texas Standards”

  1. Oh, just off the crazy shit what good is he doing anyone especially himself. If he was a dog he would be put down immediatly. If you want him alive so badly bring him home and let him feel around untill he finds your wife or daughter and pulls her heart out. see how you feel then

  2. When you go nuts in Texas, there are apparently two alternatives. The powers that be either sentence the lunatic to death or get rid of him by putting him in the presidency.

  3. Amazing. Texas does have some pretty odd stuff going on in the criminal justice system. I wrote a paper on future dangerousness findings [for death penalty cases]. Obviously I read a great deal about Dr. James Grigson. Some of the stuff that allow to be said in front of juries by so called experts is just as incredible as this story. Still, this is beyond the pale.

  4. Yes, thanks to Gyges for clearing that one up. It has haunted me all day. Now I can finally embrace sweet slumber …

  5. mespo727272 1, January 10, 2009 at 10:03 am


    “I find it humerous that the left wingers have all the complaints and no answers.”
    mespo727272 1, January 10, 2009 at 10:03 am


    I find that your description of left-wing anatomy “humorous.”

    You and I know WB/CMM/BB is nothing else if not con-persistent.
    p.s We’ve been playing week-end hosts to a bunch of ‘candy ass’ cross country skiers and snow shoers. I’m bushed.

  6. Mojo, Raff, FFLEO,

    It’s from one of the few shows I actually watch regularly, The Simpsons. Although it does read similar to a couple of lines from “Naked Lunch.”

  7. Thanks for the laugh Mojo.

    ….I thought my incomprehension was age-related so I kept quiet…

  8. Mojo,
    I will echo your response to Bobfrog, What???
    Make sure your Texan relatives are unarmed when you use that big word in their presence.

  9. Truly disturbing would be the definition of what one would have to do to be considered insane in Texas. I will be sure to never describe my behavior to my Texas relatives as idiosyncratic, as they might get the wrong impression.

  10. Thanks, bobfrog. That was helpful. I’m glad that somebody had the courage to say it.

    No, wait. What?

  11. “Texas. Where everything is bigger. Especially stupidity.”

    But are they any match for “The merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango; Grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum?”

  12. Buddha,
    I am with you. This is a normal case in Texas it seems. And USA, it seems that you have a problem with the insane being treated for their problems. That is a sad situation. If the insane can’t get help, you may actually see more crimes committed by insane people who haven’t been able to get help for their sickness and as of yet haven’t been caught by those efficient Texas officials.

  13. USA-

    Any reasonable person would not surmise that Mr. Turley is advocating releasing an obviously insane individual to prey on the public, of course Mr. Thomas should be held in an appropriate facility. There is no humor in this issue, just sadness that state officials are so willingly blind and ignorant as to continue to foster a system that is based upon archaic beliefs in regard to the treatment of deviant human beings.

  14. USA:

    “I find it humerous that the left wingers have all the complaints and no answers.”


    I find that your description of left-wing anatomy “humorous.”

  15. and where else would he / could he be secured for the safety of the rest of us?

    I find it humerous that the left wingers have all the complaints and no answers.

    Tell you what lefties, how about one of you take responsibility for him, give him a job and access to your homes and families. Then we will see just how much you are willing to act on the clap trap you post here.

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