Soprano Cast Member Lillo Brancato Sentenced to 10 Years

10brancato2_190Former Soprano cast member Lillo Brancato Jr. received 10 years in prison for his role in a burglary that resulted in the death of off-duty New York police officer Daniel Enchautegui. Brancato was able to convince a jury that he did not know that his friend, Steven Armento, 51, had a gun and knew the apartment owner (who invited him to take any pain killers that he wanted).

The maximum was 15 years for attempted burglary. After serving three years, Brancato could be out in five years.

Mr. Brancato and Mr. Armento said that they could not get into the house of Mr. Brancato’s friend, Kenneth Scovotti. There was a good reason. He had died months earlier. They kicked out a window and then left. After they were unable to score drugs at another man’s house, they returned for the fatal confrontation.

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