School Board Fires Popular Math Teacher; Students Fire School Board

thumb_election_ballot_box_2Students at Tioga High School in Groveland, California should receive extra credit for civics. The Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board fired Math teacher Ryan Dutton for alleged plagiarism while a student teacher at Cal State Fresno. The University says the allegations were unfounded but the school board refused to reconsider its decision, so the students organized a recall campaign and tossed out the entire school board.

Dutton’s removal as a Math teacher and Tioga’s baseball coach was based entirely on the allegation that he had copied from another student at the university. When the university was asked, it said that the allegations are not true, but the board refused to reconsider and insisted that it was acting on unexplained “private information.”

The sparsely populated district is located near Yosemite National Park.

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8 thoughts on “School Board Fires Popular Math Teacher; Students Fire School Board”

  1. tioga high school is nothing but a bunch of crooks, there secondary motavation is to completely close down Don Pedro HighSchool, as all the board members supported our school. they have taken everything away from us and now they plan to have our school shut down by december 2009.

  2. I’m glad to see students stand up for something they truly believe in. I think it’s great that they got the school board tossed out.
    I hope those board members learned a lesson

  3. That is a beautiful story. What was this Board thinking? An unfounded allegation is all it takes for them to fire a respected teacher? The students showed remarkable maturity in going through the process and using it to defeat the idiots on the School Board. Well done. Maybe those ex-school board members should thank the students because I am thinking a lawsuit by that teacher against the board if he wasn’t rehired would have been successful and expensive for the district.

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