Lawyer’s Briefs Yield Contraband: Chicago Lawyer Arrested for Smuggling Drugs to Inmates

davecompton100A 60-year-old defense attorney in Chicago has been charged with smuggling marijuana and cigarettes to an inmate. Cook County Sheriff officials alleged that Dave Compton was caught in a transaction with the inmate’s girlfriend, Angela Bell. She allegedly gave him $250 bucks for the pots and smokes, which were hidden in his underwear.

Compton will now face drug charges as well as likely bar charges. Compton was put under investigatoin after he was implicated by another inmate, Armond Williams, who was caught with contraband.

Bell hid the items in her underwear to get through the courthouse’s metal detectors. To make matter worse for Compton, Bell had agreed to wear a wire and be videotaped in the sting.

Guards are often accused in such smuggling rackets, here and here.Another recent case involved the smuggling of a gun by a nurse. However, such allegations against lawyers are not unheard of, including a recent case in Arizona. There is also the famous case of Stephen Bingham, accused of smuggling a gun to Black Panther George Jackson.

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4 thoughts on “Lawyer’s Briefs Yield Contraband: Chicago Lawyer Arrested for Smuggling Drugs to Inmates”

  1. Man-o-man. I don’t personally know him, but I’ve seen Mr. Compton around the various court houses here in Cook County. The guy always looked sort of broken down to begin with. If the allegations are true it was seriously stupid, criminal, and sort of pathetic. My opinion is the guy was indeed that desperate for the chump change.

  2. This is one interesting lawyer. I can’t imagine taking the risk of using your freedom and your law license for $250.00. Maybe this is one way of cleaning up the Bar and removing one seriously dirty attorney.

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