Standoff in Safe Harbor: Temporary Guests Refuse to Leave House

thumb_small_house_01There is an interesting case out of Safety Harbor, Florida of the classic peril of the guests who will not leave. Judson Randall says that agreed to help out Elizabeth Sewall and her daughter, Jessica Sewall, who were broke and homeless by letting them stay in his house for a month. Eight months later, they are still there and will not leave. They appear to have taken the name of Safety Harbor to heart and plan to stay until carried out.

Randall uses the house as an art studio and has repeatedly tried to get them out. Records show that the elder Sewall has been evicted repeatedly from other apartments. Randall, 47, lived in the same house for six months but has moved into his office in Tampa to get away from the women. He told the local media that “They were sucking the life out of me.”

They refused to pay rent, according to Randall.
Randall said that a lawyer told him that he could legally throw out their belongings on the porch and kick them out. However, they called the Sheriff;s Office and a deputy told Randall to put all of the belongings back into the house or be arrested.

Sewall has now made various claims against Randall including theft and, most ironically, trespass.

On Dec. 18th, the Sheriff’s office issued an ejection notice but they have refused to comply. A second eviction order is being sought.

Of course, he could sue them in trespass since they stayed beyond his permission, but I seriously doubt he wants to continue the relationship . . . even in court.

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  1. Damn you BIL!!! I thought I had a fresh tapestry on which to make jackass remarks …

  2. Oh, sweet. Like a graffiti artist to a freshly painted wall, I can post on this first.

    I think Randall has to do what all hosts of parties do (and what I had to last night/this morning) and yawn loudly while looking at his watch.

    If that doesn’t work he can always suggest a game of charades, Trivial Pursuit, or pull out the slide projector and start showing slides of his trip to The Grand Canyon …

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