Debt Service: California Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Work as Call Girl

brazilWith lawyers and law students getting pink slips in the recession, Cristina Warthen, a Stanford law graduate, had a novel idea to support herself: she ran a high-priced call girl service. Warthen has now pleaded guilty and avoided jail time, agreeing to pay $313,000 in unpaid taxes as a prostitute who went by the name “Brazil.” She will serve a one year sentence of home detention and three years probation. She ran a website featuring her business named She has said that the work as a call girl was done to pay off her student loans.

Warthen, 34, was charged with the unpaid taxes that she earned as a prostitute in 2003, a job that had her flying to Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York and other cities to meet with clients. She now faces a type of court order loss of consortium.

Warthen graduated from Stanford law in 2001. The previously named Cristina Schultz married David Warthen, the wealthy co-founder of Ask Jeeves, now known as

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  1. raff,

    I never did understand how one gets taken seriously much less into politics with a name like Dick Armey. Not a PR plus although as branding I suppose it has a prurient appeal. Doesn’t help that acts, well, like he acts either. I have to file him under “Descriptive Labeling”, not “Credible Source”.

  2. Hi you guys!
    I read shazaam got distracted (putting out trash for tomorrow’s pick-up) came back to reply, but did not hit refresh before posting. I should have known that you all would have taken out the “trash” here without needing my input; sorry for being redundant.
    Honestly, I’ve said it before but it’s true, I post infrequently because you are all so quick and so good!

  3. Mike Appleton:

    What do you make of that 17-2 committee vote on Holder? Do you think a deal was struck over the torture prosecutions?

  4. shazaam – is it mere coincidence that tonight you post 5 irrelevant comments on this thread (one about another profession in which the client gets screwed); or does it say something deep and disturbing about you.

    In case you didn’t notice all the other comments were witty and entertaining!

    As you seem to demand serious attention I’ll address you.

    Just to clarify: the exchange between dick armey and Joan Walsh of Salon took place tonight on Hardball with Chris Matthews; and while dick’s comments were insulting and sexist they did not include any reference to JT and KO.

    The remarks take place at about the 9 minute mark.

    Here is an old exchange (August 2, 1991) from the house floor:

    New York Representative Thomas J. Downey, a Democrat, accused Republicans of cutting unemployment benefits. dick armey immediately jumped up and said “I was on my way off the floor when I heard what has to be the silliest, most asinine speech I have heard in the seven years that I have been here.” Mr. Downey’s fast retort: “Mr. Armey obviously hasn’t been listening to some of his own speeches!”

    Also, on the Bio thread references which you allegedly cite by
    E.J. Dionne were not verifiable; I suspect they don’t exist. If they do, well even you must realize there is an enormous difference in “wishing for failure” versus “waiting for failure”; anyone who was familiar with W’s track record would be worried about his assuming the Presidency as he had left a trail of wreckage in all his previous positions. This was not the first time W needed a bailout; you might enjoy reading the late great Molly Ivin’s book “Shrub”!

  5. Shazaam, isn’t it wonderful! Your good friend Mr. Bush and his brilliant assistants will soon have converted the only secular government in the Middle East into a strict Islamic republic, and at a cost of only a trillion dollars and one hundred thousand lives, more or less (but whose counting?). Yep, those tribal societies have waited for years for someone to introduce the principles of Jeffersonian democracy. Ain’t life grand?

  6. rafflaw –

    You’re right. Sometimes when a neocon speaks only ditto-head trolls can hear the high-pitched subtext …

  7. Mojo,
    The Von Troll family members never worry about minor things like the Truth or the facts. And you also have to consider he was quoting one of the neocon truth twisters, Dick Armey!

  8. “…like a Jonathan Turley or Keith Olbermann making your little political points.”

    Normally I don’t feed the trolls, but this is just so indicative of how this sad, pathetic person’s mind operates. I watched the exchange today between Walsh and Armey and those words were never spoken. This troll can only resort to lying because that’s all that his little brain was trained to do.

    Ditto-heads are great at fantasy.

    I love that you represent the right. You do it quite aptly, as expected, by making things up and twisting the truth until it is unrecognizable.

    Clearly this person does vetting and research for Michelle Malkin.

  9. Gyges:

    It’s perfect.


    I tried it too, and am still besieged with unsatisfied customers clamoring for their money back. Oh, the perils of the warranty of fitness for intended purpose.

  10. Mespo,

    How about this one (although it’s a little too on the nose)?

    Love for sale,
    Appetising young love for sale.
    Love that’s fresh and still unspoiled,
    Love that’s only slightly soiled,
    Love for sale.
    Who will buy?
    Who would like to sample my supply?
    Who’s prepared to pay the price,
    For a trip to paradise?
    Love for sale
    Let the poets pipe of love
    in their childish way,
    I know every type of love
    Better far than they.
    If you want the thrill of love,
    I’ve been through the mill of love;
    Old love, new love
    Every love but true love
    Love for sale.

    Appetising young love for sale.
    If you want to buy my wares.
    Follow me and climb the stairs
    Love for sale.
    Love for sale.

  11. I attempted to work as a gigolo after getting out of law school. The IRS investigated my gigolo earnings and found I owed absolutely nothing. In fact, given my attempts to find work within my choosen field I was entitled to uncollected unemployment benefits.

  12. JT,

    No lyrics this time? I suggest down in Brazil

    “Down in Brazil
    They know a million ways to play
    You start to feel
    And when you’re happy
    It’s the same as when you pray
    You think you’ll get away
    Then you know you never will
    Not when you’ve been
    Down in old Brazil
    Not when you are down in old Brazil”

  13. Mike Appleton:

    Most of them work on the civil defense side. Only kidding!! 🙂

  14. Every competent, enterprising attorney keeps a ‘black book’ in which to ledger clients…

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