Doughnuts Down Under: Krispy Kreme Drops Free Doughnut Policy for Police After Confrontation

thumb_donut_11Doughnut have been the undoing of many a good cop. Now a Brisbane police officer has been disciplined after the junior constable got into a loud argument down under demanding free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It is only the latest scandal involving an officer irate over the denial of a doughnut.

Kripsy Kreme routinely gave officers leftover doughnuts but has decided after the incident to discontinue the program. Notably, American officers recently have been snared by that irresistible pull of the Devil’s danish, here and here .

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7 thoughts on “Doughnuts Down Under: Krispy Kreme Drops Free Doughnut Policy for Police After Confrontation”

  1. Jill,
    that is not actually true about the priests. One of the reasons why I got kicked out of altar boys was because myself and some other altar boys used to sneak into the refrigerator in the sacristy and drink the church wine. It was bad wine, but the thrill was worth it!

  2. Happy Betting Day, Jill.

    I have a prayer, er, wager in with Our Lady of Football at Las Vegas. I am betting one team will win. What can I say? It’s a risk limiting strategy. Try not to consume too much pork, cheese, carbs and booze – the traditional sacraments on this day. If you should, may St. Bismol the Pink be there to provide comfort in your time of gastric distress.

  3. This seems like to good place to say: Happy International Betting Day! May the god of point spreads be merciful. Give you this day your daily doughnut and deliver you from capriciousness, for thine is the kingdom of Las Vegas. (Catholics will probably want to add on to this prayer!) Amen.

  4. Is the cop bad or is it the lack of doughnut making him so? An interesting study in causation.

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