Texas Judge and Florida Prosecutor Win Favorable Treatment in Their Own Drunk Driving Cases

judgeelizabeth_berrySP_200810_HO_WARDELLIn Florida and Texas, the courts are known to be pretty harsh on DUI and other offenses. However, at least one Texas judge and Florida prosecutor seem to have found ample due process and mercy in the handling of their own DUI cases. In Waco, District Judge Elizabeth Berry, 43, has been able to keep out the result of a blood test that showed that she was driving drunk. In Tampa, former Pinellas-Pasco prosecutor Lydia Wardell, 41, (known for her own unforgiving treatment of DUI offenders) avoided jail time for her second DUI arrest.

Berry has been able to fight on flaws in the search warrant used to obtain her blood. She was charged in November with misdemeanor DWI based on test results of a blood-alcohol over the DUI level of 0.08.

Now, it appears that the prosecution will be simply dropped and Berry, a former Tarrant County prosecutor, will be allowed to return to presiding over Criminal District Court No. 3 in Fort Worth.

For her part, Wardell has been through this DUI process before as a defendant. She was known as a prosecutor who showed little mercy in DUI cases. Yet, despite the fact that this is her second offense, Hillsborough County Judge Lawrence Lefler uses his discretion to waive jail time and sentenced her to eight months probation.

Her license is suspended for five years. She received 18 months of probation in 2005 after she was arrested for driving drunk with her two young sons in the car.

For the full story on the judge, click here.

For the Wardell story, click here.

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  1. This is the first I have checked out this blog and after reading a very important article about judges being not judged themselves [when caught red-handed in driving drunk and at very excessive speed] the commentary has nothing to do with the subject-matter save perhaps a few. Looks to me like the lawyers know that the term “home team” is par for the course and part of the unwritten rule that lawyers and judges get out of jail for free and as a matter of professional ‘courtesy’, which I call quid pro quo per se, is it any wonder that lawyer images have sunken to below that of the used car peddler?

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    In short, we are less free now because of the very people you back. You think having less liberty sucks? Thank yourself.

  3. The Heritage Foundation? Your basis of counter is an appeal to authority (not mere definitions as I provided). And you chose to appeal to the “authority” of The Heritage Foundation?


    You need to what “legitimate source” means. Quoting them is like quoting PNAC. They are part of the the Crazy’s. No sane person pays attention to The Heritage Foundation. It’s also further evidence of your theocratic disposition. So it comes back to this once more:




  4. Buddha:

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    Just some thoughts.

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  7. And for contrast,

    “Liberalism is a broad class of political philosophies that considers individual liberty and equality to be the most important political goals.[1]

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  9. I certainly hope Obama enjoys his private luxury box paid for by American taxpayers while much of the nation is just trying to survive. I guess Obama really is an elitest because only an elitest would be able to function in this manner while tens of millioins of Americans are hurting.

  10. I can’t understand JT’s implicit charges of favoritism here. Judge Berry obviously wowed the presiding Judge with her Dogpatch-like good looks. Think “Mammy Yokum” here (I know I’m dating myself here), and well Prosecutor Wardell — who can resist a drunk hit-and-run babe in a sweat suit, especially a hypocritical one. I know I said I was going but who could resist this mess?

  11. Turley attracts a couple of liberals who don’t think Stalin was a liberal. If Stalin wasn’t a liberal, Jurley isn’t a Professor.

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