Shock Video: New York Police Ransack Bar, Smash Gambling Machines, and Pocket Cash

default1In the amazing video below, New York police officers are shown ransacking a bar and smashing gambling machines . . . and pocketing cash. The November 14, 2007 raid on a bar called Beer Googles. One officer is seen counting cash from a smashed machine and handing it to another officer, who peels off some for himself and pockets it.

The video only recently made it to YouTube where it has become a sensation. For the video, click here.

The police confiscated around $700 and arrested three workers for promoting gambling. Cash was eventually returned to the owner and the video was later shown at a trial for Sgt. William Lewis, who has been charged internally with corruption.

It is unclear why criminal charges were not brought and why this has taken so long for the NYPD. It is also unclear why only one officer was charged.

For the full story, click here.

7 thoughts on “Shock Video: New York Police Ransack Bar, Smash Gambling Machines, and Pocket Cash”

  1. everyone thinks what police do to people makes it alright,wrong,the police in this country are taking justice into there own hands.judge,jury,and at times of conviniance,exacutionars!wake up young ones.something like this will happen to you or a loved one,and then it’s no laughing matter.police abuse of power and gangland mentality is what is not needed in law enforcement,period!!

  2. Fortunately, our lawmakers will act quickly to put an end to this sort of thing.

    Unfortunately, the sort of think they’ll put an end to will be the videotaping of police officers.

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