Roman Polanski Loses Bid To Dismiss Criminal Case

230px-polanskiiffkvDirector Roman Polanski’s latest bid to get his 31-year-old sex case dismissed hit a bit of a snag. If he wants to have it dismissed, he will have to appear in person in court. It is not something that the fugitive director wants to do and face a high likelihood of a criminal sentence.

One interesting twist was that Polanski’s attorney, Chad Hummel, sought to have the entire Los Angeles Superior Court bench disqualified as biased in the case. It is the type of motion that only served to alienate the judges even more — no easy task when you are trying to get a dismissal for a celebrity who fled in open contempt of the court. After all, Polanski pleaded guilty to this crime and the mere fact that he is 75 is not likely to garner much sympathy.

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3 thoughts on “Roman Polanski Loses Bid To Dismiss Criminal Case”

  1. Sorry, Roman.

    It appears that the only ones interested in what you and your schwanz did 30 years ago are you and the courts. Even the “victim” said “Let it go.” And thanks for introducing me to Nastasia Kinski. She’s smokin’ sexy.

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