Doctor in Live Birth Abortion Case Loses License

medical symbolDr. Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique, the doctor involved in the horrific live birth abortion case, has lost his license. The Florida Medical Board upheld Department of Health allegations that he falsified medical records, inappropriately delegated tasks to unlicensed personnel and committed malpractice.

The incident from 2006 is now the subject of a criminal investigation and a massive civil lawsuit by the mother, Sycloria Williams. It is a novel case where the mother wanted to abort the baby but can now sue for wrongful death of her daughter because she was born live. The emotional distress and negligence claims, however, appear obvious, as noted earlier.

This is the type of case that demonstrates the fallacy of caps on malpractice. A $250,000 cap in such a case would be a mockery given the level of shocking conduct and obvious emotional distress. Moreover, the loss of child in any case far exceeds such damages, which would be viewed as a small case in contracts or other fields. For an earlier column, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Doctor in Live Birth Abortion Case Loses License”

  1. Turtle:

    what you are proposing is not going to work, how are you going to police the policers?

    you sound like an anarchist wako

  2. cindy:

    You’ll need a lot more evidence before anyone around here takes you seriously. A copy of the legislation and the date of the vote would get you out of tin foil hat status.

  3. Barack Obama supported letting babies fully born & alive die by neglect if they had intended to be aborted, but weren’t, but were insead born alive. Yes, it is true, fully born babies, he voted for them to *not* be given basic care, food, water, medical, etc., just let them die.

  4. I offer the following for critque, please do not be gentle:

    state licensure of professionals does nothing to promote public safety and in some instances may actually be detrimental. A state license gives credibilty where none may be warrented.

    State licensure is also a reduction in personal freedom at a very elemental level.

    Consumer reports and UL labratories are well established and respected organizations dedicated to public education and safety. Could not similar organizations be set up for professional oversite/certification? Private organization requirements may actually be tougher than state boards.

    When I look for a doctor or any other professional I follow the following:

    1. I want to know where they went to school, do they have a degree.
    2. are there any outstanding legal issues or dings on their records (the states currently do this but a private web based organization could just as easily.)
    3. personal referals

    I put the most stock in personal referal if I know the person (so I have made somewhat of an argument against private web based service)

    any thoughts would be appreciated

  5. I thought Florida had a cap on non-economic damages in the sum of $500,000.00 per claimant, with an aggregate cap of $1,000,000.00. I would think the mother would have her case plus that of her child which would easily reach the $1,000,000.00. Obviously, I agree these caps are legal nonsense as every objective report of their effects shows.

  6. As someone who was once personally screwed by a med mal cap? Yeah, they are lobbyist induced roadblocks to justice. This guy should die penniless. In reality, all the cap is doing is protecting his insurance company. Med mal insurance is a legal requirement.

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