Police Tell Teenager to Lay On the Road or Be Tasered, The Boy Complies and Is Promptly Run Over By Car

85px-coat_of_arms_of_australiasvgIn Ipswich, Australia, a 16-year-old boy who was told by police to lay down in the street or be tasered by police. The boy complied and was then run over and killed by a car. It is a compelling case of negligence, even if the boy was acting “aggressive.”

The police were responding to reports of a man allegedly carrying a machete about 11pm on Saturday. However, teen was unarmed when they encountered him. The police showed him the taser and said that he had to lay down or be shocked.

That is when an 18-year-old female driver of a car ran over him. Police insist that they tried to warn the driver, but the question is why the street was not blocked by a cruiser or the boy told to move to the side. Notably, the teenage girl was reportedly chatting on a cellphone when she hit the boy. That fact would probably bar any lawsuit by the driver, but she will not apparently charged for the accident.

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5 thoughts on “Police Tell Teenager to Lay On the Road or Be Tasered, The Boy Complies and Is Promptly Run Over By Car”

  1. Cops are supposed to be peace keepers, but too many of them are proud of themselves to be considered as warriors. This kind of attitudes do not help them to keep peace in a constructive way. If this incident was handled by a intelligent and professional cop, the incident coud had been totally different. A stupid and/or a crooked cop is as bad as a criminal.

  2. Buddha,
    Proops is a great comedian. My thought response to your post was a remembrance of the extraordinary 1966 comedy and satire “Lord Love A Duck.” It was directed by George Axelrod, who interviewed about the meaning of the film said “Think of California as an insane asylum`and Southern California as its violent ward.” This is a truly great and unappreciated movie whose satire has held up through the years. Although my 60’s rebellion had already begun by 1966, this movie gave me aid and comfort. Knowing your sense of humor you ought to check it out, if you haven’t already.

  3. I don’t know, Mike, but comedian Greg Proops (sp?) once described Australia as “Arkansas with beaches.”

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