American Tourist Arrested For Giving Nazi Salute In Berlin

Coat_of_arms_of_Germany.svgWe recently discussed the arrest of two Chinese tourists for taking pictures of giving the Nazi salute in Berlin.  Now, an American has been arrested for giving the salute in Dresden — after a passerby punched him.  The arrests highlight the failed effort of Germans to criminalize certain forms of speech to deter neo-Nazis.

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Trump Declares That Military Options Are Being Considered in Venezuela

Nicolas_Maduro_militarydonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedAt a time when President Nicolas Maduro is facing rising opposition (even among his traditional supporters), there is one thing that would materially help him rally supporters: a threat of U.S. military intervention. Now other Latin American countries critical of Maduro in the past have denounced Trump’s comments.   It is for that reason that many people were shocked by President Trump’s statement on Friday that he is considering military options in his decision how to respond to Maduro authoritarian policies.  For those of us who deeply opposed both Hugo Chavez and his successor Maduro, the statement could not be more disheartening. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, experts believe that Trump gave Maduro exactly what he needed to fulfill his long unsupported narrative of a war with the U.S.  As was the case with North Korean comments and the State Department, no one appears more surprised on these comments than the Defense Department.

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The Demonic Dab: Saudi Arabia Arrests Artist For Dabbing In Public

screen-shot-2017-08-09-at-4-03-58-pm-700xSaudi Arabia is once again in the news with another example of the extremist religious dogma that characterizes its Wahhabi traditions.  The latest lunacy came with the arrest of TV host, actor, and aspiring artist, Abdallah Al Shaharani, who committed an unIslamic and shocking act.  He dabbed. That’s right.  He did a dab during a musical contest. WARNING: THE VIDEOTAPE BELOW SHOW A DISTURBING DAB.

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Polls Shows Both Trump and Macron Down In Popularity

Emmanuel_Macron_in_July_2017donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedWhile President Donald Trump has claimed that his “base” remains strong and is growing, the polls indicate that the reality is quite different.  Two additional polls continue to show a decline in support with one, the Investor’s Business Daily Poll, showing Trump at a remarkably low 32 percent.  There is however an interesting comparison with a politicians who is the polar opposite of Trump in style and substance: French President Emmanuel Macron.  Polls show Macron at the same not-so-sweet spot in polling: 36 percent.  That is even lower than the CNN poll for Trump out this week at 38 percent.  That is also one percent higher than Bill Clinton around this time.

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The Movie “Dunkirk” Denounced For Its “Maleness”

Dunkirk_Film_posterYesterday, I finally had a chance to see the movie “Dunkirk.” My son Jack had already seen the film but liked it enough to go back with me.  As a military history buff, you can imagine my reaction: I loved it.  It captured the dire acts of survival on that beach and in those ships while under constant air and ground attack.  Yet, despite overwhelming critical acclaim, some have objected that the film was too white and too male.  Mehera Bonner of Marie Claire magazine objected that “Dunkirk felt like an excuse for men to celebrate maleness — which apparently they don’t get to do enough.”  Continue reading

Chinese Tourists Arrested For Doing Nazi Salutes In Front Of The Reichstag

480px-ReichstagsbrandWe have previously discussed the German laws barring certain expressions and symbols connected to Nazi Germany.  Germany like much of the West has continued to criminalize speech in a gradual erosion of free speech.  Most recently, the German police arrested two Chinese tourists for making illegal Hitler salutes in front of the Reichstag building that houses the German parliament. It was obviously a joke but in Germany it is a crime.  The problem is that most tourists will not assume that such a picture could be a crime because it is such a senseless denial of free speech.  It is ironic that the arrests would involve Chinese citizens who probably assumed that in the West they could enjoy free speech.

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