Victorian Felons: The Ladies In Dock

We have been looking at vintage mugshots recently discovered in the archives of the West Midlands Police Department, including the oldest mugshot in British history. These photos come from Birmingham England.  I have a great fan of the series The Peaky Blinders and these mugshots originate in the period before the series in Birmingham.  Today’s Victorian mugshot feature two women in the late nineteenth century. Continue reading

Ockham’s Razor And The Trump Tower Transcripts

William_of_OckhamBelow is my column in the Hill newspaper on the release of the transcripts from the investigation into the infamous Trump Tower meeting.  The testimony of key players is consistent with a reckless effort to get dirt of Hillary Clinton but, if anything, it undermines claims of collusion or conspiracy with the Russians.  The answer may lie in the writings of 13th Century  English Franciscan friar William of Ockham.

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English Man Arrested With Cheerleader Outfit After Driving 130 Miles To Have Sex With 10-Year-Old Girl

downloadMichael Bickerton, 49, insisted that his interest in sexual relations with children was purely fantasy.  That did not sit well with English police who arrested Bickerton after he drove 130 miles to meet at 10-year-old for sex.  It also did not help that he brought a cheerleading outfit with him in the car.

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“Undesirable Person”: Russians Bar Entry Of German Journalist Who Helped Uncover Their Doping Program

225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portraitWe have previously discussed the questionable assurances of reforms from the Russian government after its government-led, systemic doping scandal.  The greatest proof came this week when the Russians barred German Journalist Hajo Seppelt, the man who broke the Russian state doping story, from entry to the World Cup in Russia.  If the Russians were so shocked and repentant, they should welcome Seppelt as a hero. Instead, they declared him an “undesirable person” for revealing their systemic cheating.  Of course, the FIFA (which has distinguished itself as one of the most thoroughly corrupt organizations) has taken no real action.

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Haspel Continues (Reluctantly) With Endangered Nomination Despite Opposition Over Her Prior Record Of Torture

440px-Gina_Haspel_official_CIA_portraitCIA nominee Gina Haspel reportedly sought to withdraw her nomination last Friday but was convinced to continue by the White House.  I have previously written extensively on my views the torture program implemented under the Bush Administration and why it was a clear violation of international laws and treaties.  As I wrote recently, CIA nominee Gina Haspel has featured greatly in that torture program.  Nevertheless, various Democrats continues to express a willingness to consider making her the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. In the meantime, Sarah Sanders has echoed the talking point that Senators will be hypocrites if they do not vote for the first woman to be nominated for this post.  The problem is that she is also the first person nominated with an admitted history of torture, even though she continues to mislabel the programs as “enhanced interrogation.”

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