Lawnocrats: Michigan Man Loses Case to Grow Environmentally Friendly Lawn

250px-mtd_lawn_mowerPittsfield Township likes its lawns uniform and is willing to use criminal law to enforce its lawnacratic rule. Stanislav Voskov thought that he was doing a good thing by growing an environmentally friendly lawn by allowing various natural plants to grow without mowing. Pittsfield spotted some weeds of over ten inches and brought down the law on the lawn. Now, Judge Cedric Simpson has rule that Voskov must join the Stepford-like community in his lawn appearance.

Voskov submitted the detailed findings of a University of Michigan horticulture specialist that it was “cultivation” for someone to follow the “plant-and-watch” approach. SImpson wants to see more cultivation or it will look too natural.

Jennifer Charnizon, the attorney for the township lawnocrats, insisted that the natural look is out in the township: “The property looks abandoned. It’s for that kind of condition … that ordinances like this one are put in place.”

He should appeal. While the township looks foolish, the movement toward natural lawns or no mow is a serious matter designed to conserve water, reduce pollutants, reduce runoffs, and reinforce native plants. Now, I admit that I have often told my wife that I was not mowing out of a desire to grow a prairie, but there are legitimate advocates of such lawns and not just couch potatoes like myself.

This story is yet another example of the criminalization of America. For an earlier column, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Lawnocrats: Michigan Man Loses Case to Grow Environmentally Friendly Lawn”

  1. Judges and police
    working on cases like these
    leave the people in the freeze
    let the rich steel all the cheese
    get a brother to his knees

  2. I love this because I have several neighbors who know far more than god does about their lawn. Should a leaf fall, they shall know it. Their eyes are on the sparrow returning it to whence it came should it alight. They systematically removed old, beautiful trees and bathe their lawns in the electric green glow of “Green Peace”–global security for your yard. I think all that neurotoxin has done its work! Living lawns are so much more beautiful. They are full of delight. All kinds of things to see. Still, I’d be somewhat sad to see my neighbors stop obsessing about their lawns.

  3. Well, even though not environmentally friendly, I can understand the desire to have a pristine lawn free of weeds. It looks great! It is surely not environmentally friendly though.

    Prof. Turley surely you get someone to mow your lawn for you. It’s only ~ $35/every 2 weeks in the summer. 🙂

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