endofrain1The search is over. The end of a rainbow has been conclusively found, but there was a conspicuous absence of a pot of gold. It seems an unlikely coincidence that this missing pot is revealed on the day that Congress approves the roughly $800 billion stimulus package. Fortunately, thousands of lobbyists followed the rainbow and found almost $200 billion in highway funds at the end.

Nevertheless, given the unexpected loss of the pot of gold, the Democrats quickly added $5 billion for California (where the end of the rainbow was found) to keep the rainbow and any attending Leprechauns employed. However, some question the value of this trickle down rainbow economy while others insist that this is simply another radical version of Keynesian economics.

There are also indications that the California Leprechauns were former clients “Bernie” Madoff, which may explain the loss of treasure and disappearance of the little investors.


  1. The gold’s still there, but it’s hidden under the pavement along with the bodies of Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Airheart.

  2. However, I do miss those carhop days as a kid of the 1950s/early 60s.

    I just thought of the title to my new country song,

    “My Carhop Gal Betty n’ Me Done Got Hitched n’ Live n’ *Shady Palms* Trailer Park, TEXAS”

    3/4 meter (waltz ‘tyme’)

    There ain’t no phrases with trains, nur dogs, drankin’, cheatin’, barroom brawls, nur sich as that, but it will likely be a local hit (or miss).

  3. I never liked my food on skates, or, as was usually the case, in my lap, when the window tray collapsed! Call me eccentric.

  4. “…rolling carhops….”

    Ha! That is the best of your “musical” phrases.

  5. With apologies to Edgar Harbug, here’s my musical answer to this conundrum:

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high
    And the dream that you dream of
    Once in a blue Hundai.

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Mini-Coopers fly
    And the dreams that you dream of
    Really do come with 4 wheel drive.

    Some day I’ll wish upon a 3 point star
    wake up where the asphalt’s far behind me
    Where Troubles melt like Yugo tops
    Far away from rolling carhops
    thats where you find me

  6. Classsic!

    Professor Turley, your witticisms provide laughter and substance in an otherwise ever-darkening chaotic financial and constitutional storm.

  7. I want to know if any leprechauns were harmed? I’d think little people in the middle of a rain slick highway would be in danger.

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