Pygmy Rattlers at Pembroke Pines: Third Floridian Bitten By Snake At Walmart Garden Center

story1225px-new_walmart_logosvgWhile Walmart advertises Spend Less, Live Better, the company may want to just reduce it to “Spend Less.” Jay Richitelli, 42, is now the third Floridian to be bitten by a snake at a Walmart garden center in that state alone. The culprit was a pygmy rattler at the Pembroke Pines Wal-Mart.

The two other victims were bitten in 2006 at other stores.

Richitelli has to struggle to get the snake off his arm and then he stomped on the snake to kill it.

His medical bills are now over $100,000 and he has sued Walmart. His lawsuit insists that the store was negligent in inspection and the failure to warn.

While the snake was probably not under the “control and dominion” of the store for strict liability, there seems a particularly good negligence claim in this case.

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4 thoughts on “Pygmy Rattlers at Pembroke Pines: Third Floridian Bitten By Snake At Walmart Garden Center”

  1. What about the poor, maligned snake being defamed by the disparaging name pigmy/pygmy? No wonder the rattler is called “ill tempered.” Humans stole/foreclosed on his home, “paved paradise, put up a parking lot” and now they are name-calling, to boot.

    Where are PETA, the ACLU, and especially the Anti-Defamation League when pigmies/pygmies need them?

    I suggest that one of those scantily clad, exceptionally *potent* vegan PETA babes—from the previous article—advertise the pygmy rattlers’ plight by performing a Pentecostal holy roller, speaking-in-tongues, poisonous pygmy snake dance in public.

    If bitten, we can see if PETA’s vegan babes are *impotent* to deadly snake venom. If so, I’m joining PETA…

  2. Nice alliteration. Still not as good as the poisenous fish testicle headline, but nice effort. On another note, be careful on the copyright front; I believe “Pygmy Rattlers at Pembroke Pines” was the title of episode 134 of Scoobie Doo, and origonally aired 4/06/1074.

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