Boring Couple Loses in Court: Federal Judge Dismisses Homeowners Google Lawsuit

250px-googleAaron and Christine Boring have been dismissed in their lawsuit against Google for showing their home on the popular website. The Boring couple sued Google for $25,000 for the street view of their home.

Google has a system that allows individuals to ask to remove image of their homes. The Boring home was removed after the lawsuit was filed.

Google faces a number of other lawsuits on different claims, including a new lawsuit in New York where, has sued over alleged manipulation of its advertising system to harm it., which operates, a vertical search engine for business products and services. The company alleges that Google raised the advertising rates for the company when it realized that it was a potential competitor.

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6 thoughts on “Boring Couple Loses in Court: Federal Judge Dismisses Homeowners Google Lawsuit”

  1. Google earth is excellent. Requires a good video card to run. Our Baraboo location still shows an empty lot.

  2. It’s not much different than the site that many states use.

    Although you can’t get front views of property, you can get really good aerials of properties…

    It really wouldn’t bother me if my house were on the google site. People can see it if they drive by it anyways

  3. Google.

    “Don’t be evil.”

    cough cough cough bullshit cough cough cough

    This is a company to be less trusted than even Microsoft. And I don’t trust MS any further than I can throw them. All of them. At once.

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