Judge Sharon Keller Charged With Five Ethics Violations

keller_sharon_newTexas Judge Sharon Keller is having a bad month. Just last week, there was a move in the legislature to impeach her. Now the state judicial ethics commission has charged her with violating her duty and bringing discredit upon the judiciary. It is hard to be sympathetic with her position, however, given Judge Keller’s decision to told the Clerk’s office to close in 2007 when attorneys were rushing over with an after-hours final death row appeal for Michael Richards — who was then executed.

The notice of the complaint cites “Judge Keller’s willful and persistent failure to follow (her court’s) execution-day procedures on Sept. 25, 2007, constitutes incompetence in the performance of duties of office.”

A sitting judge from outside Travis County will be appointed as a special master to preside over Judge Keller’s trial of five charges that she violated the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.

Notably, Keller told the office to close without consulting the other eight judges on the appeals court, including several who stayed past 5 p.m. to deal with the late appeal. Richards was executed at Huntsville after being barred from the appeal.images3

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9 thoughts on “Judge Sharon Keller Charged With Five Ethics Violations”

  1. as a texan for all my 36 years i have to speak up. NOT all texans are this way. in fact, i grew up in el paso, a predominantly democrat—downright socialist in some ways—city. i have lived in austin the last 14 years and sometimes feel like i’m in san fransisco where i lived for two summers. texas is a very very big state. we just have a lot more room for ignorant rednecks than other states. the good guys are doing their best to take the state back!

  2. Seamus, with the exception of you, Texas has very little to offer anyone who actually believes in justice. This Judge should be an embarrassment to all Texans who have a brain and a heart.

  3. Seamus,
    Sadly, from what I’ve read of Texas you are probably dead on. Since Texan’s have in the past produced some good people and even politicians, not to mention music, I have a hunch that many there have been turned to the dark side by fundamentalist exhortation, racism and a controlled right wing media.

  4. Having lived in Texas, and gone to skule there (Hook”em Horns), I am possitive that she is being celebrated by at least half of the state.

  5. Maybe Judge Pocketwatch here will find the same compassion and understanding she showered on teh defense lawyers whose only crime was a defective machine. Given it’s Texas, this judicial complaint is my kind of deus ex machina, although it comes too late for the citizen who relied on the impartiality (and rule following ability)of the Judge.

  6. Well aren’t you just the pride of the Lone, er, Loon Star State? Keep on showing the world how you are sooooooooooo competent to be a “judge”.

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