New York State Supreme Court Justice and Law Professor Lose Jobs in Scandal

up-p293m41hlko8mnamA bizarre case in New York has snared the careers of New York State Supreme Court Joseph G. Makowski, 55, and former prosecutor and Buffalo Law School professor Anne E. Adams. Adams pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors: drunken driving, offering a false instrument for filing and attempted tampering with physical evidence. Makowski resigned on the same day that Adams was fired by the law school. Makowski was accused of falsely attesting that Adams was not drunk when she left a bar.

Adams was the director of Trial Techniques at Buffalo. The judge has been on the bench for 10 years and is a a graduate of Buffalo.

Their undoing began at Shanghai Red’s restaurant on the Buffalo waterfront where, on September 2nd, Makowshi met Adams to discuss her trial program at the law school. In the police report,
Officer Vincent Pupo III spotted Adams Ford Thunderbird convertible weaving and nearly striking a guard rail at about 7:45 p. m.

Makowski’s affidavit conflicted with the testimony of other witnesses and he later recanted the sworn statement. Adams went even further, according to prosecutors who allege that she talked her physician into changing the date of a blood test to show she was sober. She explained that she wanted to be a judge. She has also been named as a possible GOP candidate for district attorney. She will now be lucky if she can remain a lawyer.

The judge will not be prosecuted for his false statement, a case that is likely to be cited by criminal defense attorneys when the prosecutors seek charges against their clients in such cases. District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said, “Because of his recantation and cooperation, I will not seek to brand Makowski a criminal. However, I am deeply troubled by Makowski’s original affidavit and initial conduct. Accordingly, Makowski, in lieu of criminal prosecution, will also be required to resign from the bench.”

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2 thoughts on “New York State Supreme Court Justice and Law Professor Lose Jobs in Scandal”

  1. Beauty, brains, smarts, intelligence, education, career, standing/station in life, although the most important human component set of all—ethics/integrity/honor—was missing. As I have mentioned previously, this human deficiency trait is the most enigmatic of life’s conundrums of them all to me. The ramifications of such frailty of people in power cost me the fulfillment of my career simply because of blind, unyielding judicial deference granted to the government over the irrefutable evidence of an exemplary employee. Perhaps that biased allowance is slowly changing and I applaud District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III for his principled stance with not ‘looking the other way’ and succumbing to a double standard of justice often granted to those in power.

    Quote from the linked article:

    {Quote: “Neither party to this pathetic episode committed violent crimes, nor have criminal records,” Sedita said. “By the same token, one of my most important duties as district attorney is to restore public confidence in the justice system. Accordingly, this type of misconduct, particularly on behalf of lawyers, judges and public officials, will not be tolerated and will not be overlooked by this office.” End Quote}

    We all err as humans; we are often hypocritical, biased, and sometimes extremely dishonest and unabashedly self-serving. However, untold numbers of people suffer when courts of law mete out unequal justice when assuming that people in trust within the government should somehow be granted deference, regardless of all available evidence to the contrary, simply because of their station in life as public officials in that same—often corrupt, unprincipled, and abusive—bureaucracy.

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