Recession Hits Cave Dwellers: Sleepers Awakened by Foreclosure of Cave

The Sleeper family of St. Louis are being told that they have to move out of their cave for failure to pay their loan. Curt Sleeper and his wife bought the former sand mine after a downpayment of half of the purchase price and a loan from the seller. They are now posting the cave on Ebay in the ultimate demonstration that the economy has reached every level of housing.

Picture of the cave show that this is not exactly a hermit’s hut. It sports 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with full city sewage and power. What is really cool is that when it rains, there are 14 interior waterfalls. There is also a shallow pond and a groundwater fed cistern that yields about 100 gallons per day.

Starting bid is $300,000 on Ebay.

For pictures of the cave and the story, click here.

11 thoughts on “Recession Hits Cave Dwellers: Sleepers Awakened by Foreclosure of Cave”

  1. What a odd place for a home, none the less, even if your home is in a cave and you owe on it and are not making your payments you can find your self in trouble. I give lots of free advise on my site to homeowners facing mortgage troubles.

  2. Thanks for all the kind words. We are very grateful and happy that an investor from New York offered us financing.

    Just thought we would catch you up on the final outcome.

    Curt Sleeper

  3. Jill,

    I will look into that. I’m a big fan of both the unconventional and the built.

  4. And I meant to say thanks for the link to the pictures! DUH. I appreciate that Buddha. Here’s a neat book to look at: “Unconventional Builders” by Alan Van Dine.

  5. Buddha,

    Look at the colors–just beautiful. Maybe somehow these people can stay there. I sure hope so. They should squat. May I point out that it would only take a few modifications to make that place rather impervious to bank demands? The banks would look even worse than they do now if they were using bunkerbusters on American civilians.

  6. That and I imagine you could get an incredible music composition out of the waterfalls and walls. It looks like the walls would sing different tones depending on how they were struck. And think of making a recording of the water rushing in. WOW! I don’t want to see anyone lose their home and I’m sorry they have to leave such a wonderful place.

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